On the Subject of Recent articles and letters related to Stakeholders


9 April 2014

Dear David,

The Journal has had several recent letters under the title Stakeholder Management. I would say that a problem starts right with that title.  The word management comes from the French and derives from the process of handling or managing horses.

Stakeholders are anyone or organization that has an interest in a project either positive or negative.  I don’t think for the main part that you “manage” Stakeholders.  They are for the most part independent entities and would not appreciate being “managed”.  Instead you analyze stakeholders and try to figure out their interests and see how you can work with them and allow you both to achieve your interests.

Here is a wonderful tool for analyzing stakeholders developed by Peter Simon of Lucidus Consulting of UK based on the three dimensions of power, interest and attitude towards the project.


Peter authorized me to use this, but I encourage readers to visit the Lucidus website at http://www.lucidusconsulting.org/ to see their good advice.

Bob Youker

Maryland, USA