On the Subject of Managing ICT Projects in the Innovation Age


26 November 2013 

Dear David,

It was nice to speak to you and to say Hello again after all these years.

Thank you for publishing my series of articles about managing ICT projects in the innovation age.  I truly believe the research and concepts discussed can revolutionize the IT service industry, and I am happy to share with you and anyone who is willing to work towards that end.

The identification of “Deliverables” at the end of the Project Components Decomposition Method (PCDM) in the “What to look for when requirements do not exist…..” article can enable a practitioner to become a master instead of the craftsman that most of us are today.

Apart from the ‘Component Structure Design’, the new method will also change the structure of the technical team.  Project teams will not require internal coders but can work with start-up business partners who don’t need much experience in coding. This approach can minimize the operating cost of organizations by utilizing external resources on a profit-sharing basis or other partnership arrangement.

Organizations will only require a high caliber core team consisting of project manager, designers and quality assurance. Other development staff can be somewhere in Asia or Africa. This approach also encourages the high caliber technical team to be more creative and innovative when designing a new system as well as how to deliver.

Perhaps after a few more publications, we can consider creating a virtual team to refine some of the approaches and consider how they can be moved forward. I am happy to work with you and others to make it a reality.

Thank you again for providing the platform for presenting these concepts.

Hubert Vaughan

Beijing, China