On the Subject of the Editor’s monthly welcome articles


4 September 2016

Hello David,

I think the idea to make some comment on the project management world or trends in your editorial is a great idea. I agree fully with your views on experience and believe that we need to make more effective use of the experience available.

On the question of competency, however, I would like to suggest that true project management competency is experience (or at least 80% of competency anyway) and should be assessed in terms of actual performance observed on projects.

Your statement that “project managers are the most experienced leaders in an organization” is very true from two perspectives – firstly in that project managers usually must rely on ‘leadership’ as the tool to drive projects to success (except in highly projectised organisations perhaps) so they will necessarily gain increasing competency in this respect, and secondly they are, by dint of being project managers, positioned in the ‘change’ domain within organisations, and therefore frequently find themselves at the forefront of ‘leading’ change (through stakeholder engagement, etc.).

Best regards,

Chris Bragg