On the Subject of Bob Prieto’s paper on “The Challenge of Infrastructure and Long Term Investment” in the December 2014 PM World Journal


8 December 2014

Dear David,

Thanks for publishing Bob Prieto’s extremely important paper, “The Challenge of Infrastructure and Long Term Investment,” in your December issue. I believe that all of your subscribers in every developed country should forward this paper to their governmental and industrial executive contacts and help to build the world-wide United Nations momentum for the movement that Bob describes.

I also believe that it would lend great credence and build momentum for this effort if Bob will provide us with a follow-up paper (or letter) listing the names and titles (and perhaps email addresses) of the high level authorities who were active in the round table discussions that he has summarized so well, and also describe the actions that are being taken within the UN to make this movement a reality.

It is amazing to me that so many administrations and congresses in the USA have let our infrastructure deteriorate to its current dilapidated and dangerous state. Our project management community must do everything it can to call for action to correct this situation. Must we wait for more bridges and tunnels to collapse and hundreds of people to die before recognizing this crucial need?


Russ Archibald

PhD (Hon), MSc, PMI Fellow, APM-UK Honorary Fellow, PMP,

PMI Founding Trustee and Member No. 6

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico