On the subject of Benefits Realization Management


Ref: The Missing Link, Benefits Realization Management…

15 August 2017

Dear Editor,

I’m researching a potentially radical new approach to benefits realization management (BRM) and would welcome any feedback or insights from your readership.

The problem I see with benefits realization, is that it’s more about projects and programmes engaging with beneficiaries to realize benefits rather than the beneficiaries managing the benefits themselves. BRM feels more like a ‘band aid’ to help projects deliver value and manage change in the absence of team managed measures and improvement plans.  Projects should really focus on delivering high quality outputs to time and cost and not delivering the benefits.  That said, the projects must be given guidance on priorities and scope.

Imagine, therefore, a scenario where beneficiaries managed their own improvement plans, for all projects, and were adept at using more relevant and meaningful measures to drive performance improvement.  Ultimately the beneficiaries could fund their part of the project and be accountable for the value being delivered.  This would change beneficiary behaviour to be far more of a project customer, rather than the receiver of project outputs.  Project teams may also be more motivated knowing who is going to benefit from their work and by how much.


Andrew Hudson
United Kingdom