Stakeholder-Led Project Management


Book Title:    Stakeholder-led Project Management: Changing the Way We Manage Projects
Author:  Louise M. Worsley
Publisher:  Business Expert Press
List Price:   $19.95
Format:  Paperback, 180 pages
Publication Date: Sep 2016         
ISBN: 978-1-63157-467-2
Reviewer:     Raghuveer Gadiraju, PMP
Review Date:   July 2017


This book addresses the emerging topic of stakeholder management and engagement. In PMI’s PMBOK V edition, project stakeholder management was introduced as a new knowledge area, separating it from project communication management.  This book elaborates this area beyond the classic stakeholder process from identification of stakeholders to control of stakeholder engagement by analyzing the entire cycle of process in the context of different project scenarios, while providing corresponding case studies and the lessons learnt.

Depending on the nature of project, stakeholders’ influence and impact varies on the project’s success. Stakeholders are classified as role based and agenda based and projects are categorized as stakeholder neutral, stakeholder sensitive and stakeholder-led.  The wide gamut of examples including complex socially sensitive projects help in understanding the influence of stakeholders in various contexts and book explains the extended process, the tools, techniques and tips which can be applied for engaging the stakeholders to the project’s benefit.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is structured as per the stakeholder management process of (1) identifying and documenting, (2) analyzing, (3) developing strategies, (4) planning the approach, (5) engaging and (6) watching, listening, reacting & reviewing.  Each process step is critically analyzed vis-à-vis the project continuum of stakeholder neutral to stakeholder-led with the help of relevant examples and appropriate content from other sources.

The initial chapter reflects on the various definitions of stakeholders and the likely confusion about who is a stakeholder and who is not and helps the reader understand the stakeholder groups to be engaged depending on the nature and the stage of the project. Further chapters are devoted to each step of the stakeholder management process, detailing the tools and practical techniques recommended to be used in various scenarios along with case studies. Final chapter summarizes the six principles of stakeholder engagement for successful projects. These principles have been validated from the discussions with project managers working on stakeholder sensitive projects.


This is a very timely publication on a very important knowledge area of project management, especially in the context of complex stakeholder sensitive or stakeholder led projects which involve working with a wide range of stakeholders at various stages of the project. The author addresses the myths such as “we manage our stakeholders”, “everybody is a stakeholder”, “we know our stakeholders”, “it’s all about communication and more communication is better”, and “some projects don’t need stakeholder engagement”.


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About the Reviewer

Raguveer Gadiraju

Texas, USA


Raguveer Gadiraju, PMP
is a program manager with 17 years of experience in Information Technology including 12 years in project/program management of SAP ERP related projects and 5 years of SAP ERP consulting in Japan and Europe. Prior to entering the IT industry, he worked for 10 years as an engineer in Govt. of India’s Atomic Energy Department. Mr. Gadiraju moved to USA in 2016 and is currently working as an independent project management consultant and an active volunteer for PMI Dallas. He is a certified PMP, PRINCE2 Practitioner and ITIL Expert.

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