Software Requirements, Third Edition

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pmwj18-jan2014-Soncodi-IMAGE1 - BOOKBook Title:  Software Requirements, Third Edition
Author:  Karl E Wiegers, Joy Beatty
Publisher:  Microsoft Press
List Price:   44.99$
Format:  soft cover; 672 pages
Publication Date:   August 2013   ISBN: 978-0735679665
Reviewer:      Marta Soncodi
Review Date:              November 2013

Introduction to the Book

Good software requirements are the foundation of every successful software project. They are hard to achieve given the timing and interplay of several factors: agreement on what needs to be solved and how, meeting business objectives, and ability to keep project plans intact.

Software Requirements, Third Edition, is an updated and comprehensive coverage of perspectives on requirements by stakeholders, methodologies and practice for requirements development and management, and analysis of requirements for specific project classes.

It is a thorough and practical reference as it offers a comprehensive set of best practices, tools, templates, real-life examples and case studies for requirements. These aspects apply to any industry and project methodology, as well as to any project class and size.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is organized in five parts and detailed over 32 chapters. Each chapter starts with a relevant story which sets the context for the scope and issues covered. Additionally, a specific case study is analyzed throughout the book to drive home discussion points and learning.

Part I, “Software Requirements: What, Why and Who” provides key terms and general background information. The major classes of software requirements are introduced: business, user, functional and system requirements; business rules and quality attributes (non-functional requirements). The important distinction between product and project requirements is noted. Special consideration is given to customer identity and expectations, identifying who the decision makers are, as well as distinguishing between the business analyst and product manager roles. Finally, a comprehensive framework for developing requirements is introduced (elicitation, analysis, specification, validation, management). 


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About the Reviewer

flag-usapmwj18-jan2014-Soncodi-IMAGE1 - REVIEWERMarta Soncodi, MBA, PMP

Marta Soncodi is Co-Founder of Latticera, LLC, a web services company. She is a Software Development Manager and Project Manager with over twenty years of experience in the telecom industry. Her recent interests include UX Design, Software Requirements, and Prototyping. Marta can be contacted at [email protected].