How Social Media Can Boost Productivity in Your Project Management Organization


By Jerry Ihejirika

Lagos, Nigeria

How much can you boost productivity in your project management office using social media?

Social media is not all about enhancing communication and engagement. If used strategically, in an effective and efficient way, it can boost productivity in your project management organization. The number of people signing up and using social media is growing rapidly on a daily basis and it does not look like stopping anytime soon, yet most PMOs and even organizations in other industries are still struggling on how best to fully leverage the social media in boosting productivity within their organization.

Some PMOs have already tapped into the power of the social media and are now scheduling and conducting online training, coaching and consultation services to their members and clients from different corners of the world. Others have developed social collaborative software and using the social media as a platform to promote their product while most are still yet to plug into the social media world.

Now, let me share with you a few tips that can help business executives maintain their focus and use the social media to boost productivity in their Project Management Organization:

Have a Social Media Plan: The first and most important step is to map out a clearly defined social media plan. To attract, engage, network and convert social media users and your followers into customers will need you to carefully map out a clear, effective social media strategy that best suits your PMO. Some outsource their social media marketing efforts to external social media marketing firms which I do not recommend. Your Social Media Manager should be someone who is directly involved in your organization. He/she should not only be well experienced and versatile in the social media world, but should also understand the culture, vision and mission of your organization.

Analyze and Choose Your Social Media Platforms: Each social media platform is different. To know which platforms are better suited for your PMO and which you should prioritize, you need to identify the demographics and etiquette of its audience. Its is preferable to start and focus on one or two or three platforms that are most likely to reach your target audience, rather than an ineffective strategy of creating membership account on every social media platform. There are some research companies online that offers rich insights based on the demographics of most social media platforms to help organizations decide which best suit their need and which they should prioritize.


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Lagos, Nigeria

Jerry Ihejirika is a Project Management Blogger and Social Media Enthusiast. He is passionate about promoting project management by leveraging social media.  Jerry has a Bachelor’s degree in Project Management Technology from the Federal University of Technology Owerri (2013).  He expects to have his PMP certification in 2015.  Jerry has written and published various articles on project management and social media on his blog at http://jerryihejirika.com, and can be contacted at [email protected].