SOCIAL FUND RAISING: Adopting Project Management Best Practices


 Eyitayo Ogunmola, PMP

Team lead, PM Hub 


Social Organizations in developing countries are mostly involved in raising funds for community projects. Organizational sustainability among these organizations is totally dependent on the fund raising and sourcing. In African countries, most Non-Governmental Organizations, Social Enterprises and Community-based establishments can only perform at their peaks if they raise funds with best expertise.  And yet, I have consulted for a few that have compromised best industrial standards which in turn have led to a creep in the system of raising funds. I must admit with all godly sincerity that these organizations are doing great jobs changing the world, but the fundamentals of my debate is that those who will provide corporate assistance for these change projects are business folks. To say the least, they simply see them as beggars.

Okay, does that break your heart? Every business tycoon wants to do more business and that should always be our great point of selling.

Most times, when discussing with leaders of social organizations as described above, I like to let them understand what a Portfolio is and what its management entails.

According to Project Management, we simply refer to Portfolio as a collection of Projects or Programs and other works that are grouped together to facilitate effective management of that work to meet strategic business objectives. Every organization has a Portfolio Manager – it could be the CEO or the President, but they think business.

This is simply clear. We must understand that every potential funding organization has a strategic mission, and until your project meets the demands of the strategic objectives of the establishment, funding is limited. When I ask the Project Leader of the assumed project, “why should your project be funded?”, They simply reply, “it’s a good initiative”, and I simply answer, “Who cares?”

The word ‘good’ is relative. To a society-driven organization, “it sounds good because it meets the needs of the people and it helps”. But to a business organization, “it’s good because it facilitates the profit flow of the company”. “It’s good because it helps us reach our market faster and better or it creates a scene for us”.


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flag-nigeriaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEyitayo Ogunmola, PMP

Team lead, PM Hub Nigeria

Eyitayo Ogunmola is the Founder and the Project Team Lead of PM Hub Nigeria, a Project Management training, consulting and solution organization in Nigeria. With Special Interest in Ventures Creation and Human Capital development Projects, he is a young Consultant on Lean Enterprising. He is also a Project Management Training Consultant to Chartered Institute of Project Management, Ghana.

He holds a Project Management Professional Certification from the Project Management Institute, Pennsylvania, United States. He is a certified Green Belt Lean VI Sigma professional. Eyitayo just concluded business education from Columbus Business School. He is the Project Coordinator for ProMaCoN, an organization committed to institutionalizing project Management in Africa. He worked with a team of international participants in the just concluded IPMA Young Crew global e-collaboration Competition (a congregation of 64 young project managers from around the world) where his team came 2nd runner up. He is a trainer for Acceltage Consulting, Oak Interlinks among other project management consulting companies. He leads the faculty of project management of the College of Supply Chain and Material Warehousing Management.  He is a Project Volunteer to Moral Re-Armament | Initiatives of Change, Nigeria.

Eyitayo can be contacted at [email protected].