Series on Program Management: Transitioning to Program Management – Part 3 “Delivering Business Benefits”


By Russ Martinelli, Jim Waddell, Tim Rahschulte

Program Management Academy

Oregon, USA

Throughout this article series, we have been following the story of an organization in the midst of a program management transition. The company, a major U.S. Government contractor, once had a strong and effective program management function from which today’s company leaders moved through the ranks from engineering specialists, to program managers, to departmental directors and vice presidents. In the past decade, however, the company’s program management function was left to atrophy in favor of more influence from the engineering function – a classic organizational dysfunction of many engineering firms. The affects are now being felt, and they are adversely impacting the business bottom line.

So, why is the company now focusing on re-strengthening their program management function? The senior leaders have come to realize that the primary purpose of program management is to generate business results. The value program management brings to a company is its power to serve as a coalescing function that focuses the various elements of the organization upon the achievement of its business goals. As illustrated in Figure 1, the stronger one’s program management capability, the greater it’s potential for delivering consistent business benefits. This is the under-pinning message represented in the program management continuum and what can be achieved by an organization when it begins to operate as a program-oriented organization as reflected in Figure 1. 


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The PMWJ series of articles on program management is authored by Russell Martinelli, Tim Rahschulte and James Waddell, principle advisors at the Program Management Academy in Oregon, USA.   More about the authors and the Program Management Academy can be found at http://www.programmanagement-academy.com/.

About the Authors

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Oregon, USA 

Russ Martinelli is a senior program manager at Intel Corporation, one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies. Russ has many years of experience leading global product development teams in both the aerospace and computing industries. Russ is also a founder of the Program Management Academy (www.programmanagement-academy.com), and co-author of Leading Global Project Teams and the first comprehensive book on program management titled Program Management for Improved Business Results. Russ can be contacted at [email protected].

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pmwj26-sep2014-martinelli-AUTHOR2 WADDELLJim Waddell flag-usa

Oregon, USA

Jim Waddell, former PMO director in the high-tech industry, is a founder of the Program Management Academy (www.programmanagement-academy.com) where he consultants in program management and mergers & acquisitions. He has held a variety of management positions in the high tech and energy industries, has been a speaker at numerous conferences, and is a co-author of two books: Leading Global Project Teams and Program Management for Improved Business Results. Jim can be contacted at [email protected].

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Oregon, USA

Tim Rahschulte is co-author of Program Management for Improved Business Results and an executive director at the Program Management Academy. Tim is also responsible for international management and leadership studies at George Fox University in Oregon. He consults with state governments in the USA on matters of organizational change as a business transition architect. Contact Tim at [email protected].

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