Series on Program Management: The Decisive Program Manager: Introduction to a new series on program management


By Russ Martinelli and Jim Waddell

Program Management Academy 

Oregon, USA

We are pleased to present this series of articles for the PM World Journal focused on effective decision-making as a primary responsibility of program managers and a key factor in managing programs to success. The articles are extracted from portions of the book entitled Program Management for Improved Business Results, 2nd edition(John Wiley & Sons Publishing, 2014).

This first three-part series of articles focuses on one of the most critical components of managing programs effectively – making informed decisions.  Throughout the series we specifically address the question, “What are the critical aspects of effective decision-making in program management?”

In working with program managers within a variety of companies and organizations, we have found that one of the key attributes of successful program managers is their ability to make good decisions. Effective decision-making is a factor that separates the best program managers from the rest.

However, effective decision-making in a program environment is not the work of just one individual, but of an entire team of people who all need to be effectively engaged and decisive.

This series of articles explores the decision-making process on a program and its constituent projects.  The articles are written from a practitioner’s point of view.  We work in industry and therefore our experiences and perspectives are first-hand and real-world.  We welcome your comments, perspectives, challenges, and other feedback.

The following is a set of abstracts from the three articles presented in this series titled “The Decisive Program Manager.”


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The PMWJ series of articles on program management is authored by Russell Martinelli and James Waddell, principle advisors at the Program Management Academy in Oregon, USA.   More about the authors and the Program Management Academy can be found at http://www.programmanagement-academy.com/.

About the Authors

pmwj19-feb2014-martinelli-AUTHOR1 MARTINELLIflag-usaRuss Martinelli 

Oregon, USA 

Russ Martinelli is a senior program manager at Intel Corporation, one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies.  Russ has many years of experience leading global product development teams in both the aerospace and computing industries.  Russ is also a founder of the Program Management Academy (www.programmanagement-academy.com), and co-author of Leading Global Project Teams and the first comprehensive book on program management titled Program Management for Improved Business Results. Russ can be contacted at [email protected].

pmwj19-feb2014-martinelli-AUTHOR2 WADDELLflag-usaJim Waddell 

Oregon, USA

Jim Waddell, former PMO director in the high-tech industry, is a founder of the Program Management Academy (www.programmanagement-academy.com) where he consultants in program management and mergers & acquisitions. He has held a variety of management positions in the high tech and energy industries, has been a speaker at numerous conferences, and is a co-author of two books:  Leading Global Project Teams and Program Management for Improved Business Results.  Jim can be contacted at [email protected].