On Scaling and Tailoring Project Management


On the subject of the March 2017 Editorial on the Growing Importance of Categories, Context and Typology in Project Management

13 March 2017

Dear David,

I am very pleased that you are revisiting the issue of scaling and tailoring the project management effort to the characteristics of the project and its current managerial challenges.

This particular topic has been my absolute favorite for three decades. I believe it really poses a cornerstone in modern PM. First, the mindset of leading the project management (including planning, facilitating and evaluating PM) was brought up in 2002 in the National Competence Baseline for Scandinavia, the Scandinavian NCB.

Later, I presented more specifically the mindset and supporting methods in the book “Proactive Project Management”. It could be great for a further dialog if you would join in on one of my monthly webinars where I summarize the mindsets of the book. See the attached invitation.

The reason for me of building on your editorial is to give you the latest news concerning the issue of scaling and tailoring. During the last years of being the manager of IPMA Certification in Denmark, I have facilitated a process of extracting “four perspectives” of both refining the focus during certification as well as the focus during PM education and training.

The four key perspectives are: to be a performing PM practicing the methods; to be a reflecting PM who apply a meta view on the PM processes; to be a value creating PM focusing on creating the right conditions for performing the project process; and, to be a learning PM who continuously improves the process, methods and behavior. In the attached article, issued together with my successor as certification manager, we explain the four perspectives which have gained broad support from our certification assessors as well as training companies.

Am I right that this corresponds quiet well with the line of thinking in your editorial note?

PS: The book “Proactive Project Management” is near to be published in Spanish – I will let you know, when it happens during the spring. I attach an introducing flyer. If you would like to have a copy I ask you to confirm your post address.

Best regards

Morten Fangel
Hilleroed, Denmark