Reducing Prejudice in the Project Workplace in Nigeria – Suggestions for Consideration by the Project Leader


By Lucky Enajite Edjenekpo, CCP, PMP

Warri, Nigeria


Prejudice is an irrational and rigid generalization about an entire category of people, place or thing for the way it acts, looks or even who or what it is involved with. It is a preconception, “pre-judging” about another person resulting from their fitting into a stereotyped category of some importance to the observer which is demonstrated by inflexible attitudes supported by little or no direct evidence. Thus prejudices are often inaccurate.

When applied to social groups, prejudice generally refers to existing biases toward the members of the social groups, often based on social stereotypes, and at most extreme, results in groups being denied benefits and rights unjustly or conversely, unfairly showing unwarranted favor towards others (Wikipedia Encyclopedia).

Prejudice refers to attitudes; it can be positive or negative, explicit (obvious) or implicit (subtle). However, it is the unintentional prejudice of the implicit nature, which is more widely used and damaging to the society.

Prejudice, whether positive or negative, are rarely favorable, because they keep people from dealing with one another or situation objectively (Clawson & Smith, 1990). Constructive relationship building is reliant on a person’s ability to learn from others differences. Failing to notice diversity in the workplace and not approaching it with an open mind is a common fundamental human error.


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About the Author

lucky-enajite-edjenekpoLucky Enajite Edjenekpo, CCC, PMPflag-nigeria

Warri, Nigeria

Lucky Enajite Edjenekpo is an oil and gas professional with over 24 years’ experience in project management and operations management. He is currently the Port Harcourt District Manager at Exterran Nigeria Limited, Nigeria. Lucky holds a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in Engineering Management from the University of Benin (UNIBEN), Nigeria. Lucky is a Certified Cost Consultant (CCC) and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), driven by passion to advance maintenance service delivery. He lives in Warri, Nigeria and can be contacted at [email protected].

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