Redefining Product Development: Managing project to build right solutions in exact time: Sharing lessoned learned



By Chandan Lal Patary

Bangalore, India


In today’s organization resource are regulated due to cost pressure. Everyone is working smart to best utilize the resources. Building right product which brings success is a huge challenge. Every organization explores best mechanism to build best solution which customers embrace. Challenges are very high to satisfy the need of the diverse customers. Various process and mechanism has to deploy to ensure organization is building right solution with right speed to reach the customer before competitors. Problem with product developments are to say few examples – delivering too little, too late, Building more than we need, Building low priority items, Building right thing wrong, Poor quality of software, wrong resources, Identifying function need late in project etc.

Lot of time waste when team members are staying at office and build the product for the end user where there is no connectivity from developer to actual users. Organization needs to understand customer defined value proposition through which each team member understands the whole picture and starts working on solution required for end users.

Design thinking process helps organization to understand the customer the way they behave and connect with the customer to build the right product, rapidly for the end users. Observing our customers in their natural habitat is a powerful way to understand a day in their lives; in other words, we can begin to empathize and start build product.

Lean product management is about listening to the customer and responding more quickly to develop a solution which customer need. Collect the data rapidly and build the right product rapidly so that it is more data driven product management.

To succeed, grow, thrive, we must be focused on creating real value for customers. We must be fast, agile, quick thinking, and quick acting. We must not only continuously improve our output; we must continuously improve the process of outputting. We must be a leader and a fast follower.

We have deployed these practices on a couple of product lines and achieved the results.

In this article information will be shared to address below points

  • How we have used Lean product management concept to build right product at first place?
  • How we have used from Minimum viable product to scale up the large scale product development using Scaled agile framework?
  • How we have used lean canvas tool help the discovery and solution process?
  • How we have used Lean mindset development tool, how tool can transform teams e.g. VSM tool etc.?
  • How we have used design thinking approach to accelerate and built relevant product? How we go much, much deeper on understanding the user and the user experience with the skills of observation and inquiry.
  • What are KPI to measure product success e.g. Net Promoter Score, Active usage,  Customer benefits
  • How cultural transformation: “Plan driven to value driven” model helps to achieve this?
  • How Project manager plays role to adapt similar approach to replicate and build product as faster timeline?
  • How DevOps and Gamification concepts helped to achieve execution excellence?


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About the Author

chandan-lal-pataryChandan Lal Patary

Bangalore, India



Mr. Chandan Lal Patary
currently works as an agile coach and Global Program manager at ABB. He has deep experience in developing Software products across various domains and has successfully executed many Projects. Chandan has worked on domain like Healthcare, Aerospace, Building automation, Power automation, Industrial Automaton under real time mission critical product development to large scale application development. Chandan has 16+ years of industry experience. He is certified PMP from 2008, Green Belt certified holder from 2005. Chandan is an agile practitioner and Certified Scrum Master from 2011. Chandan holds a Bachelor’s degree from the National Institute of Technology (National Institute of Technology – Agartala, Tripura) in Electrical Engineering -1998. He has completed one year of an Executive General Management program from Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore, Karnataka in 2007. He has published several management papers. He can be reachable through email at [email protected]

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