Realizing Strategy Through Projects



Book Title:    Realizing Strategy Through Projects: The Executive’s Guide
Author:  Carl Marnewick
Publisher:  CRC Press / Taylor and Francis Group
List Price:   $55.96
Format:  Hardcover, 218 pages
Publication Date:   Nov 2017
ISBN: 978-1-138-19610-0
Reviewer: Denise Cordova
Review Date:   October 2018



The book provides insight into how to view projects from an upper management level.  Not all organizations are immersed in the project management methodologies and therefore may be viewing projects more as something to complete to make operations or projects better.  Taking a different perspective to a different level will help organizations to see the benefits of tracking, monitoring, and realizing the benefits of project management.

The book also focuses on what statistical data is important from an executive’s position to compliment strategic alignment of goals and projects.  Additionally, the book expresses how the maturity level of project management within an organization will affect the ability to align strategies and create sustainability.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The structure of the book is easily understood by executives that are not well versed in the principles of project management.  The chapters review high level components and expectations for managing of projects.  Explanation of Programs and Portfolios is discussed and the how they are applied.

A key component of the authors message is the level of control that must be provided to project managers for successful execution of projects. This also implies that the vision and strategies are directly tied to project management.

Strategic alignment begins with the portfolio and the projects should meet the goals set in the portfolio, this is a good tool to consider when prioritizing projects and programs.  This book provides perspective in this area for the executive level reader.


The best takeaway from this publication is the high-level perspective into how Project Management should align with strategic goals, but it takes it further and explains how this pairing will be successful for an organization.


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About the Reviewer

Denise Cordova

Texas, USA




According to Denise, “My work career began at the ripe old age of sixteen and I have worked in many career fields through the years, most people have a career and work in the same career, with various employers or for themselves.  I would say that my various careers have made me very versatile person.  I have worked as a Nurses Aid during High School while attending a two-year course for Dental Assisting. After High School, I joined the Army served 6 years as a Dental Laboratory Technician. After leaving the Army, I taught Dental Assisting at a private career school which after several years led to becoming a director of a school.  During that time, I was the chairperson for a national test writing committee for National Certification for Dental Assisting as well as being instrumental with state testing for radiology certifications for Dental Assistants in the state of Texas.  I left the Directorship and made the decision to seek a less stressful environment. I found a position as a 911 dispatcher for a County Sheriff’s office for about Six years. This was a stressful position, but a different type of stress.

With this experience I left and went to work for a Utility company and developed their dispatch center, since none existed.  This utility company offered opportunities that led to a position as a Metering Supervisor for about three years.  It was at this point I began working in the area of project management, but not as a formal process.  My next position would afford me the opportunity to begin thinking about how projects are viewed and executed.  The position was as Telecommunications Systems Administrator, which included responsibilities for PBX, Fiber Optics, Radio Communications, and Physical Security.  Each of these areas involved a mixture upgrades, construction, and complete replacements.  This position was for approximately six years.  My current position is Technology Systems Project Coordinator and I am in a position to be very involved in projects, either by leading or as part of a team.  My interest has been in this area for some time now and it is a very challenging because of the range of projects.  Technology is an ever changing and growing fluid environment where we build stability.  That is a very difficult concept and standard to maintain.  With the ever-changing world of technology and the levels of integration we see in business project management is a very demanding and important factor.  I have appreciated all of my career choices because they have led me down this road.  With this well-rounded experience, I am empowered to strive for more and will be seeking the PMP certification to validate my experiences and skills.”

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