Real Project Management: The skills and capabilities you WILL need for successful project delivery



pmwj37-Aug2015-Edagottu-realpm-BOOKBook Title:   Real Project Management: The skills and capabilities you WILL need for successful project delivery
Author: Peter Taylor
Publisher: Kogan Page
List Price: $36.00
Format: Paperback, 226 Pages
Publication Date:   Dec 28, 2014 
ISBN: 978-0-7494-7121-7
Reviewer: Venkata Ramana Edagottu, PMP, CSTE, ITIL
Review Date: July 2015



Real Project Management explores and very well describes the history and evolution of the Project Management discipline and real world challenges, and provides better vision into future trends. Throughout this work, the author provided good techniques and strategies to conquer the current issues facing industry. The analysis and recommendations presented in this book will unfold the Real Project Management field.

Peter Taylor is author of the popular The Lazy Project Manager book. With his vast project management experience, he provided interesting ways of looking at project management challenges and problems. There are good takeaways from this book, if project management is your career of choice. A lot of interesting case studies and interesting data are presented throughout this book.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The overall structure of the Real Project Management is divided into five parts.

Part 1 – Legacy
Part 2 – Challenges
Part 3 – Multi-generations
Part 4 – The Future
Part 5 – Tips for Success

Part One covers,

  • History of Project Management
  • Adoption of ‘project management’ as a means to make business success
  • Understanding and managing what really matters for a project manager to be successful

Part Two covers,

  • Focus on the challenges of project management
  • Careful selection of the channels of communication
  • How to be good virtual team manager in order to get the best from remote resources
  • How to set the tempo of the project and having good control
  • What makes for good sponsorship
  • Three things to make sure that projects connect to the organization strategy
  • How to match project managers to projects according to their experience and capabilities
  • Necessary effort into gathering lessons learned
  • Offering a ‘safe haven’ for learning practical project lessons
  • How succession planning brings both growth and stability along with good opportunities
  • Ongoing dangers that organizations need to be aware of

Part Three covers,

  • Understanding more about generational differences of thought and behavior
  • Aware of the challenges and opportunities for multi-generational workforce


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About the Reviewer

pmwj37-Aug2015-Edagottu-PHOTOVenkata Ramana Edagottu, PMP, CSTE, ITIL

Manager, Hitachi Consulting,

Texas, USA


Mr. Venkata Ramana Edagottu
, PMP, CSTE, ITIL works as Manager of Testing and Quality Assurance (TQA) and is a part of IT Profesisonal Services (ITPS) group at Hitachi Consulting, Americas region. He has more than a decade and half of Software Quality Assurance and Project Management experience using multiple delivery models. Venkat is an active blogger, passionate learner and Agile practitioner. His Paper “Kanban – A visual process management – Empower Delivery needs,” was published at the 8th International Project Management Leadership Conference (PML 2013) organized by QAI. He is member of several professional organizations including the American Society for Quality (ASQ), Project Management Institute (PMI), Association for Software Testing (AST) and Quality Assurance International (QAI). Email address: [email protected]

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