Raise Your Team’s Employee Engagement Score


Book Title:  Raise Your Team’s Employee Engagement Score
Author:  Richard P. Finnegan
Publisher: AMACOM
List Price:  $14.95
Format:  Soft Cover, 128 pages
Publication Date: 2018
ISBN: 978-0-8144-3862-6
Reviewer: Edward Raibick, PMP
Review Date: March 2018



The book titled Raise Your Team’s Employee Engagement Score is a manager’s guide for companies who have enacted a formal engagement program as well as managers who are struggling with employee engagement within their organization. The book provides instruction, examples and exercises that can be used to foster positive relationships, reignite commitment and inspire employees.

Overview of Book’s Structure

  • Chapter 1 discusses Employee Engagement Scores, and the importance of employee engagement.
  • Chapter 2 discusses the importance of trust and provides a Manager Self-Assessment of engagement styles and behaviors.
  • Chapter 3 introduces utilizing employees to exponentially expand your recruiting pool.
  • Chapter 4 discusses identifying and hiring employees who self-engage.
  • Chapter 5 introduces Stay Interviews as a tool to minimize employee turnover.
  • Chapter 6 discusses One-on-One engagement solutions.
  • Chapter 7 dives into employee engagement and performance management.
  • Chapter 8 discussed leveraging your company’s engagement-related programs.
  • Chapter 9 introduces utilizing goals and forecasts to create a business-driven model.
  • Chapter 10 discusses leading supervisors to build engagement on your team.
  • Chapter 11 introduces metrics and surveys for tracking engagement improvement.


Raise Your Team’s Employee Engagement Score provides real life examples and exercises to improving employee engagement. Topics include interview role-playing exercises and introduces specific interview questions targeted at identifying employee candidates that are more prone to be actively engaged in your organization. Formalized measurements and metrics are introduced to measure the engagement process improvement for the program.

Highlights: What I liked!

The fundamental concepts discussed throughout the book involve building trust in relationships and cultivating an engaged work force where employees take personal pride in going beyond compliance to commitment. These environments are prone to higher moral, higher profitability and productivity.


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