Questionnaire Survey on Dynamic Scheduling in Construction


By Amer Fahmy

Planning Manager, CCC/TAV JV, Development of Muscat International Airport;

PhD Student, Loughborough University, UK

Tarek M. Hassan

Professor of Construction Informatics, School of Civil & Building Engineering, Loughborough University, UK

Hesham Bassioni

Construction & Building Engineering, Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Egypt


Background: Dynamic Scheduling is a new topic in construction planning and scheduling research field. Understanding the planners’ day to day scheduling/rescheduling problems and studying the practicality of the problem’s characteristics are key issues in the development of any new dynamic scheduling system.

Objective: The purpose of this study was to collect the experienced opinion of field practitioners which will support an ongoing research in the development of a Dynamic Scheduling model for real-time scheduling for construction enterprises.

Design: A questionnaire survey consisting of 33 questions, mainly close ended.

Setting: The survey was published on the internet, and nearly 9,000 project management practitioners were invited for participation.

Participant: A total of 364 responses were received with an average response rate of 4.1%. The responses were received from 52 different nationalities with reasonable geographic distribution, and with various levels of experience and project management roles.

Analysis methods: A combination of frequency distribution and descriptive statistics were used for the analysis of survey responses.

Results: The responses analysis showed a clear interest from the project management population to the subject of dynamic scheduling, participants acknowledged the need for a new solution to manage the optimization tasks and they provided their various interests on how the proposed tool should work and how it should be integrated with current practices.

Conclusion: From the response rate, distribution of responses and the quality of replies to few test questions, the survey can be claimed to represent the project management community. The response results were analyzed presented in this study and converted into functional specifications of the proposed software tool which will be presented in future studies.

Keywords: Dynamic Scheduling; Schedule Optimization; Planning Software.


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About the Authors

pmwj22-may2014-Fahmy-Intro-AUTHOR1 FAHMYAmer Mohey El-Din Fahmy, MScflag-egypt


Amer Mohey El-Din Fahmy is a Planning Manager, at CCC/TAV JV, Development of Muscat International Airport project. He holds a BSc (Hons.) in Construction & Building Eng. from AASTMT, Egypt; MSc (Hons.) in Construction Management from AASTMT; and is currently a PhD student at Loughborough University, Construction Project Management (expected completion 2014). With 14 years of experience, he held several project management related positions within major construction industry enterprises (such as CCC & Siemens), for large and mega projects related to aviation, power networks, marine works, infrastructure, and industrial facilities; with contractor and consultancy experience in few middle east countries (Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar & Oman). His main specialty is focused on project controls systems establishment, procedural to implementation; especially with respect to integrated controls solutions, either with well-known software packages or with development of in-house oriented IT solutions. Amer’s experience is complemented with an academic background, including research activities within construction automation context, and with teaching experience within the Construction Management track, in the Construction & Building Engineering department, AASTMT, Egypt. Email: [email protected]

pmwj22-may2014-Fahmy-Intro-AUTHOR2 HASSANProf. Tarek Hassan, PhD flag-egyptflag-uk

Egypt / UK

Dr Tarek Hassan is Professor of Construction Informatics in Loughborough University (UK) and Director of the European Union Research Group (EURG). Tarek’s first degree is in Civil Engineering, also an MSc in Civil Engineering and another MSc in Construction Management from Loughborough University with distinction. He was awarded his PhD from Loughborough in 1996. His academic experience is complemented by 10 years of industrial experience with several international construction companies as a site engineer, site manager and project manager. His areas of expertise include advanced construction information technology, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) for energy efficiency, smart buildings, industrialised construction, collaborative engineering, Information Modelling, simulation, virtual enterprise business relationships, e-Business and legal aspects of ICT.

Tarek has been involved in over 17 EU funded projects as Coordinator or partner under the ICT and NMP (Nano technologies, materials and production) programmes of FP4, FP5, FP6 and FP7. He’s got a wide network of European and International partners including Universities, ICT companies, construction organisations, research institutes, consultants, municipalities, etc. He raised research funding of 7 Million Euros and participated in projects of total value of 40 Million Euros. Tarek is engaged in several activities with the EC (European Commission) as an expert evaluator of proposals, expert reviewer of running projects and advising the EC on projects’ performance and strategic research agendas for future calls. He is a member of the ECTP (European Construction Technology Platform), with focus area on processes and ICT. He serves on various international panels for evaluation of proposals including the Academy of Finland and the National Research Foundation of Singapore, funding agents of Poland and Russia. He has been an invited key note speaker to several international conferences and sits on the editorial board of international journals.

Tarek’s research breadth focused mainly advanced ICT to improve energy efficiency in buildings, and with considerable influence on the EC research agenda in identifying research priorities; in addition to researching into dynamic scheduling in construction, engineering higher education and gender aspects within engineering. Tarek’s research output has been reported in high quality journals, conferences and books chapters with a total of over 150 publications. Website: http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/civil-building/staff/hassantarek, e-mail: [email protected]. 

pmwj22-may2014-Fahmy-Intro-AUTHOR3 BASSIONIHesham A. Bassioni, PhDflag-egypt

Alexandria, Egypt

Hesham A. Bassioni: PhD (U. Loughborough, UK), MIBA (ESLSCA, Fr), ME (U. Florida, USA), BSc (U. Alexandria, Eg), PMP. He is Dean of College of Continuing Education, Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport. He has a varied practical and academic experience for over 22 years. His consultancy and practical experience has been in the areas of: Project and program management; contract administration and claims management; FIDIC & Bespoke Contracts; project scheduling and control: cost estimating and control; feasibility studies, business cases and business plans; and project risk management. Organizational business management and restructuring; business process re-engineering; quality control and assurance; business excellence; business performance management (Balanced Scorecard); strategic management; risk management; and Disaster Risk Management (DRM). He has published over 30 research papers in various construction management leading journals and conferences. Prof. Bassioni has refereed papers to leading construction management journals and conferences. Email: [email protected][email protected]