Qualitative Study of Futuristic Technologies in the Workplace

Impact of AI/Drones on Project Management and Contracts



By Anthony Saba

SKEMA Business School

Paris, France



Technology has a massive effect on business operations. No matter what type of business a person has. Technology has proven that it will enable him to profit and create the outcomes his client’s request. Innovative foundation influences the way of life, proficiency, and connections of a business.

This Paper emphasis on the impact of AI/Drones and all the automation technologies on the project management and contracting procedures. Some argue that these new kinds of technologies are invading the business and harming it. While others believe that automation is the future that everyone should rely on. This paper explores different forms and usage of high techs in the industry while showing some alternative dispute resolution processes that might be feasible.

This paper shows why is a selected process better than others by focusing on the attributes and the selection criterion.

It is hoped that this study will help readers from a PM background choose a better approach and have a better insight regarding the usage of highly developed technologies.

Keywords:  Conflict, Dispute, Conflict resolution, Dispute resolution, Disagreement, Conflict of interest, AI, Drones, Mining, Technology



There is no doubt of the impact that technology is having on the mining industry. Some argue that this change will surely be the start of the reliance of automated systems in the future of the mining business: cutting expenses while increasing productivity by helping mining organizations find all kinds of metals and minerals more efficiently.

Other advantages of the implementation of automated mining systems, drones, self-driven automated cars include:

  • Better eco-fuel efficiency
  • Better working conditions
  • Fewer impacts of work deficiencies
  • Enhanced use of the vehicles

Can automation and technology replace qualified experts, save lives and increase efficiency? Yes, it can. Technology is having a massing impact on contracting and the PM sectors. For instance, the mining industry has developed extremely during the past decade. This tremendous evolution of technology will firmly open the door to AI to play its role in the mining business.

“The next big industry that is going to benefit from AI is construction and mining” as Jesse Clayton, NVIDIA’s Sr. Manager of Products and business development said. [1]

These kinds of technologies will provide aerial views of the site and will have the capacity to give information that will enhance productivity. The drones can reach places where no other person or machine can reach by monitoring the utilization of the equipment on the site along with improving the work’s efficiency. AI nowadays is used in the automotive industry to prevent any collision in order to guarantee safety. Similarly to a car, AI can also be used on the site; it can serve as the brain of heavy machinery and thus assuring safety and profitability.

Artificial intelligence is changing the idea of nearly everything, which is associated with human life, employment, economy, security, medicinal services and so forth. Nonetheless, we are yet to see its development in the long term, if it is driving humankind towards improving this planet or bringing a catastrophic impact on life itself. All techs have flaws and advantages that will change humanity forever. As AI is improving rapidly, more robots are appearing in the human workplace. This is the present circumstance; I will cover the real areas where AI fundamentally influences human life in both the positive and negative aspects while emphasizing on the business and PM sectors.

Since many companies are using these new kinds of high techs in their businesses. We would like to challenge the use of these technologies in this paper. As a mechanical engineer, the purpose of this paper is to identify how to use AI, Drones, automation in order to increase the effectiveness and safety precautions in the worksite and how to make sure that these new technologies fit in my business?


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Editor’s note: This paper was prepared for the course “International Contract Management” facilitated by Dr Paul D. Giammalvo of PT Mitratata Citragraha, Jakarta, Indonesia as an Adjunct Professor under contract to SKEMA Business School for the program Master of Science in Project and Programme Management and Business Development.  http://www.skema.edu/programmes/masters-of-science. For more information on this global program (Lille and Paris in France; Belo Horizonte in Brazil), contact Dr Paul Gardiner, Global Programme Director [email protected].

How to cite this paper: Saba, A. (2018). Qualitative Study of Futuristic Technologies in the Workplace: Impact of AI/Drones on Project Management and Contracts, PM World Journal, Vol. VII, Issue XII (December).  Available online at https://pmworldjournal.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/pmwj77-Dec2018-Saba-futuristic-technologies-in-the-workplace.pdf

About the Author

Anthony Saba

Paris, France




Anthony Saba is a Mechanical Engineering graduate and a certified SAP Consultant. Currently pursuing a higher degree at Skema Business School, Paris Campus in order to adapt, and work as a manager and a leader in the management of complex projects in any international and multicultural environment.

Born and raised in Lebanon, he is a multilingual graduate with a passion for management and the consulting sector. Anthony serves in many international companies such as Mercedes Benz, Dar Group, National MEP, and SAP Technologies, which helped him gain an international exposure by working with multi-national professionals with different cultures. During his time at SAP, he was part of SAP’s Young Professionals Program (YPP) in Beirut, where he developed the soft skills needed to start a professional career as an Associate consultant. Currently, furthering his education by learning the fundamentals of eventually becoming a project manager.

Anthony Saba currently lives in Paris and can be contacted at [email protected] or via LinkedIn https://www.linedin.com/in/anthony-saba/