Project Stakeholder Management


project-stakeholder-managementBook Title:  Project Stakeholder Management

Author:  Pernille Eskerod and Anna Lund Jepsen

Publisher:  Gower Publishing Limited

List Price:    £26.50

Format:  soft cover; 101 pages

Publication Date:   2013

ISBN: 978-1-4094-0437-8

Reviewer:      Rodger L. Martin, PMP

Review Date:              June 2013 


Introduction to the Book

The authors’ premise is that a recurring theme in projects that have failed is due to projects managers who have not sufficiently taken into account the interests and motivations of the persons and entities that can affect or be affected by the project – the project stakeholders.

They suggest a better method to improve project stakeholder management.  It is a short synopsis of a broad range of techniques affecting Stakeholder Management.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Chapters include:

  1. Concepts and Issues Behind Project Stakeholder Management
  2. What Motivates Project Stakeholders to contribute?
  3. Methods for Stakeholder Analysis
  4. Planning Project Stakeholder Management
  5. Ethical Issues
  6. Easy to Understand, Difficult to Master
  7. Four Mini Cases to Illustrate the Concepts
  8. About 60 references 

Highlights: What’s New in this Book

A more structured approach in a Stakeholder Analysis Framework includes identification of stakeholders, assessment of stakeholders, and prioritization of needs for attention.  An understanding of the major motivators behind a stakeholder’s contribution to the project is essential in planning for stakeholder interactions.  A Stakeholder Register will identify each Stakeholder’s Necessary and Wished for Contributions, Requirements and Wishes, and Concerns.  The next step is to assess the Stakeholder’s Potential Harm and Help on a matrix type scale (Low to High).  This leads to Assessment of a scale of Active/Passive Opposition through Neutral to Active/Passive Support.  A three dimensional approach also assesses the Stakeholder’s Attitudes (Positive or Negative). 


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About the Reviewer 

rodger-martinflag-usaRodger Martin, JD, MBA, BSEE, PMP

Rodger Martin has a broad background in business, law, engineering and Project Management.  He is a retired US Air Force officer with expertise in rockets and National Ranges.  His work experiences include government, military, public corporations, small business consulting and high-tech non-profit organizations.  For the last 12 years, he has worked on Document Management, Knowledge Management and Process Management/Modeling projects commercial companies.  He acquired his PMP certification in 2007. 

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