Project Quality Management; Why, What and How, Second Edition

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pmwj27-oct2014-Cordero-IMAGE1 BOOKBook Title: Project Quality Management; Why, What and How, Second Edition
Author: Kenneth H. Rose, PMP
Publisher: J. Ross Publishing
List Price:   US$ 37.95
Format: soft cover; 215 pages
Publication Date: 2014
ISBN: 9780814408759
Reviewer:      Virgil Cordero, PMP
Review Date:            August, 2014

Introduction to the Book

Project Quality Management; Why, What and How contains a wealth of information on project quality management in a concise, easy to read format. Even if you only read the first few chapters you will never again consider project quality to be a fuzzy, difficult, or boring subject. Mr. Rose quickly establishes a very clear and highly understandable definition of project quality. To give the reader a solid foundation in project quality he succinctly discusses the evolution of quality and the early pioneers in the quality field. With this foundation in place Mr. Rose provides in-depth and insightful information on project quality management to include quality control and quality assurance, project quality management tools, and quality in practice.

After reading Project Quality Management I now have a much better understanding of project quality management and I feel confident I can improve my future projects and programs by applying the knowledge I gleaned from this book.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Project Quality Management is written in a format that can be used for informal individual or group study and is clearly appropriate as a textbook in a formal university classroom. The book is divided into four sections: Quality Foundations, Quality Management, Tools for Managing Project Quality, and Quality in Practice. At the end of each chapter, Mr. Rose provides a Summary, Points to Ponder, Exercise, and References. This structure allows the reader a wide range of flexibility. You can dig shallow or you can dig deep.

Highlights: What’s New in this Book?

I have not read the first edition of this book so I can only rely on the Preface to identify what is new in this second edition. Since the book is used extensively in academic environments, the author has expanded features intended for classroom use. The second edition has been thoroughly updated and it includes an expanded discussion of “…quality assurance as a unique process, separate from quality planning and quality control”.


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Virgil Cordero is a certified Project Management Professional. He has been in the telecommunications field for over forty years. His career started in the US Army where he served as a Signal Officer and performed a wide variety of telecommunications work. Since leaving military service he has worked in defense consulting, telecommunications technical support management, telecommunications equipment program and product management, and in the program/project management of customized network solutions.   Email: [email protected]

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