Project Psychology: Using Psychological Models and Techniques to Create a Successful Project

Book Title: Project Psychology: Using Psychological Models and Techniques to Create a Successful Project
Authors:  Sharon De Mascia
Publisher:  Gower Publishing Limited
List Price: US$114.95
Format: hard cover, 218 pages
Publication Date: 2012
ISBN: 978-0-566-08942-8
Reviewer: Carlos Oliveira
Review Date: May 2012


Introduction to the Book

This book looks at several phases of a project in regards to communication, teamwork and change management.

The author presents tools and techniques to explore and understand better teams and individual behaviors and rules of engagement. She also invites the reader to look beyond the words and engage the team in a more holistic approach seeking for the meaning behind words, such as in body language and other factors that are encompass the non-verbal part of communication.

Overview of Book’s Structure

This book is organized in 12 chapters and a summary section. In each chapter the author explores a specific façade of project management with focus on the individuals and teams rather than focusing on the tasks.

Chapters 1 through 4 deal with acquiring, developing, managing and directing project teams and individuals, including aspects of ‘coaching’ and how it can be a useful tool for the project managers.

Chapter 5 explores the relationship between project team and stakeholders.  Chapter 6 focuses on the communication plan and how to use tools like “Transaction Analysis” to facilitate good communication.


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Carlos Oliveira, PMP

Carlos Oliveira, PMP, BSc EE, MCS, is a project manager and has been working in the technology industry for almost 15 years. Carlos has a special interest in the psychological aspects of how people and teams interact and communicate, and how different personalities have different impacts and contribution to projects. He says: “Psychology helps us to understand how people behave, what their preferred styles are and what can be learned from what the eyes cannot see”.  For questions or comments, contact Carlos Oliveira via email: [email protected]

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