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pmwj54-jan2017-carvajal-bookBook Title:    Project Performance Review: Capturing the Value of Audit, Oversight and Compliance for Project Success
Author: Alexia Nalewaik and Anthony Mills
Publisher: Routledge
List Price:   $70.00
Format: hard cover, 90 pages
Publication Date: July 2016
ISBN: 978-1-472-46140-7
Reviewer:     Vickie Carvajal, PMP
Review Date: December/2016



In this book, the authors’ focus was to provide a mechanism to evaluate project performance and they introduce the Nalewaik-Mills Performance Review Method.

The authors summarize the differences between and the evolution of project audits and project performance audits/reviews. They describe how audits have evolved to better support the evaluation of a project’s performance instead of the traditinal focus on project financial and they introduced a method to follow in order to conduct an effective project performance review.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book was structured in 5 chapters:

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Discussion
Chapter 3 – The Nalewaik-Mills Performance Review Method
Chapter 4 – Overview of the Nalewaik-Millas Performance Review Method
Chapter 5 – Summary

Within each chapter, the authors provide information supporting their focus for that chapter. There are 90 pages in the book. Chapter 1 is 6 pages long, Chapter 2 is 29 pages, Chapter 3 is 10 pages long, Chapter 4 is 36 pages long and Chapter 5 is 3 pages long.


Chapter 1: Introduction

In Chapter 1, the authors provide an introduction regarding audits and reviews and specifically focus on project performance audints reviews. They highlight the need for performance reviews and the projects that can be reviewed for performance. The authors also focus on why this book differs from others on the same topic and provide a high level overview of what they offer and how it can be applied to various organizations.


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About the Reviewer

Vickie Carvajal

Texas, USA



Vickie Carvajal, PMP has more than 20 years of experience working in application services and consulting. She has provided project management for a variety of clients in various industries and countries. Vickie has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Angelo State University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Southwest Texas State University.



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