Project Performance Review


Book Title:   Project Performance Review: Capturing the Value of Audit, Oversight, and Compliance for Project Success
Authors:        Alexia Nalewaik & Anthony Mills
Publisher:    Routledge / Taylor and Francis Group
List Price:     $90.00
Format: Hard cover, 90 pages
Publication Date:   2016    
ISBN: 978-1-4724-6140-7
Reviewer:     Diana Romagnoli, PMP
Review Date: 02/2017



This is a small, short in duration hardback book but the content is powerful. The subject of project performance of audit, oversight and compliance is covered extremely well in my opinion. They have pulled back the layers of project performance review excellently.

Though this is a short book it is not a quick read. It is written to cover the subject without a lot of fluff! I would say it has an academic approach. They want you to really understand what this subject is all about and to go about it with the significance it deserves.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The structure for this book is excellent. The subject of each chapter allows the reader to know exactly the coverage of the topic. They spend over half the book presenting the workings of the review process. I really appreciated how they presented it by not overwhelming but stimulating you to think of the application on the types of projects the reader may be working.

Additionally the second half of the book, the Overview chapter, is touchpoint for PMs to get the authors view of the project management performance review process in a visual with section annotations. It is thoroughly covered and presented from their PM experience discussed previously.


They know their subject. They use tested examples of situations that will certainly present themselves during these review efforts. They realistically prepare the PMs that will tackle these evaluations. They present their project review process with all the importance that it deserves: as a learning effort, for suggestions for process improvement, and for team improvement. They show you where in a review process issues worthy of audit may present themselves. They are thorough without boring the reader or giving them too much information. They assume the reader is intelligent and therefore it is a pleasure to read.


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About the Reviewer

Diana Romagnol

Texas, USA


Diana Romagnoli
, MBA, PMP has 30 years’ experience in the health care industry. Diana lives in Texas and works nationwide for a large enterprise health system based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.


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