The Project Manager and the Pyramid


Book Title: The Project Manager and the Pyramid
Author: David Hinde
Publisher: Orgtopia
List Price:   UK₤9.99
Format: Soft cover, 220 pages
Publication Date:   2016    
ISBN: 978-0-9955275-0-8
Reviewer:     Donna Aubrey, PMP
Review Date: 6/2017



The book The Project Manager and the Pyramid is a very easy to read book. It uses a very complex project, building a pyramid, to illustrate the concepts of project management, but it’s told in story form, so it’s very entertaining. There is a cast of characters and enough information about each character to make the story interesting.

While it doesn’t cover all 47 project management processes in the PMBOK, it does cover several processes in each of the 5 process groups.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is broken down into 15 chapters, each covering a project related process. Each chapter tells a part of the story of building this pyramid which relates directly to a project management process. The story is interesting and a helpful way to illustrate the processes rather than just describing each one.

At the end of each chapter is a summary of key learning points, including important definitions and additional examples. I found this to be extremely helpful and would be a good reference in the future. The summary often times included a sample of the document being described. These samples could be used as templates, or at least a starting place for important process documents, such as Scope of Work, End Stage Report, Product Specification and Change Reports.


I especially enjoyed some of the tips included in each chapter. For example, in Chapter 2: Defining the Project one of the tips was to negotiate individually with the stakeholders to get closer to consensus prior to the meeting. This is a great idea and one I have used several times since reading the book. It is always worthwhile if you can meet with the stakeholders one-on-one prior to a meeting.


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