Project Management Update from Milan


Project Management in Italy in 2014

By Luca Cavone

International Correspondent 

Milan, Italy


Every year this period is a crossroads that allows us to look back at the last twelve months and at the same time to have a first look at the future of the year that is about to begin.

In this report we will go through the main initiatives in the field of projects along 2014, in a collection of the most significant articles that have accompanied us throughout the year, including the most recent events that took place in November and December.

While waiting to begin the new year with the first initiatives from January that we will report the next issues, I take here the opportunity to wish all the best to our readers for a new year full of success for both professional and personal projects!!!

DECEMBER – 2014 IPMA Italy Annual Conference

On December 10th, IPMA Italy hold in Milan its 2014 National Conference dealing with the main Italian initiative for the new year: EXPO 2015, the International Exhibition will take place for six month in Milan starting from May till October 2015.

The title of the event was: “Italy Protagonist in Project Management: EXPO 2015 a case of Global Program Management & IPMA Excellence Award.”

The conference allowed participants to reflect on the many opportunities that EXPO 2015 is for our country: international visibility, promotion of Made in Italy, new business opportunities and also initiatives and projects from the social aspect.

The narrative of this journey was made directly by the protagonists who daily work for the organization of the event: the focus was then on the management skills that the multiple challenges of such an event requires.

Among the many opportunities, for those working in business projects, Expo is also a great gym for program, portfolio and project management.

Within the participants, many professionals in the field of Project Management attended this unique opportunity for discussion and enrichment. 


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Milan, Italy

Luca Cavone is a Consultant at JMAC Europe, the Consulting firm of the Japan Management Association. He is mainly focused to support companies in Innovation Management and Product Development Projects typical of R&D and Marketing areas, with an interdisciplinary background of the business processes. In JMAC Luca follows also the study and development of project management methodologies based on the application of Lean Thinking approach. Before joining JMAC he worked several years in the Aerospace industry.  Since 2009 Luca has been actively involved with the International Project Management Association (IPMA); at that time he was between the founders of the Young Crew Italy and was appointed as first chairman. In 2011 he left the position to join the Young Crew Management Board, where he’s currently Head of Membership and Responsible for the Young Project Manager of the Year award. Since 2010 Luca is also a member of the Executive Board of IPMA Italy. Luca is an international correspondent for PM World in Italy; he can be contacted at [email protected].

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