Project Management Update from Nepal


By Suraj Dahal

Contributing Editor

Kathmandu, Nepal

Project Management Association of Nepal on April 24, 2013 started its “Project Perspectives”, a professional discussion and interaction series for members of the association, free of charge, to be headed by Mr. Prasad Gyawali, PMP, Life Member, PMAN.

The first speaker was Markus Hällgren, an associate professor at Umeå School of Business & Economics at Umeå University in Sweden also currently a visiting researcher at Stanford University at the department of Sociology, USA, and visiting researcher at Department of Engineering Sciences, Industrial Engineering & Management, Uppsala University, Sweden. The venue was provided by Nepal College of Travel and Tourism Management.

Markus’s interests are study of organizing processes in extreme environments. He had just arrived in Kathmandu from the Everest Base Camp.


Climbing Everest is one of the empirical settings in the research environment TripleED, an international inter-disciplinary group of researchers with different interests and expertise where a common denominator is an interest for less traditional environments and organizational issues therein. They are currently researching the everyday decision making in environments such as high altitude mountaineering and emergency rooms.

He shared about his study on managing this kind of project-like endeavors with other systematically managed projects on topics such as leadership, team dynamics, decision-making processes, experience, and competencies.

“Project Perspectives” is intended to feature project professionals on a regular basis for sharing and networking as well as provide a chance for the members to meet in person and share personal as well as professional updates.


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About the Author

SURAJ-DAHAL-bioflag-nepalSuraj Dahal

Kathmandu, Nepal

Suraj Dahal, an active advocate of the profession of project management, is a management consultant based in Nepal. He is the founding member and General Secretary of Project Management Association of Nepal (PMAN). He has served on the board and was the chief executive of prominent NGOs in Nepal that implemented projects and programs with government, civil society organizations, corporate sector, and development partners. He is a consortial partner of Systemic Excellence Group (http://www.systemic-excellence-group.com/), a global network of independent think tanks for change management. He can be contacted at: [email protected]