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By NDJIB Marie

International Correspondent

Douala, Cameroon


IT-Center, one of the leading Information Technology service providers in Central Africa implemented a Lean Six Sigma Project in 2012. This initiative was meant to support its strategic objectives through the implementation of a scheme that could help the structure to be financially secured. PETROS & Partners conducted an organizational pre-project assessment to identify the current need of the firm in order to develop a solution that effectively brings benefits to the structure. The report concluded that the development of non-quality. This led to the drop in profit margin inducing therefore internal and external failure costs. A cost killing scheme and an austerity plan were developed to help the organization achieve its financial control and sustain its productivity. The project was implemented through DMAIC framework.

This article aims to describe the approach used in the implementation of this Lean Six Sigma project. 


Organizations carry out strategic structural adjustments to overcome difficult economic and financial issues imposed by their competitive environment. The initiative ought generally to enable the company to adapt to the fast changing market and stay competitive by. In this view, the efforts to establish systems to effectively measure the capability of processes and to produce services or products that are defect free are mostly valuable. Lean six sigma project could therefore be seen as a breakthrough strategy for profitability (Harry J, 2009) in the sense that, it emphasizes in pointing out the fact that statistical tools and interventions can lead to major cost reductions and quality improvements.

IT-Center, in 2010, developed a strategic plan based on the vision of becoming the most valued IT organization in Cameroon. The company has to go through an organizational and strategic maturity model based on the range Basic-Standard-Measure-Control-Improve. The company was moving from a traditional managerial approach to a more standard one. Clear Key Performance Indicator was developed to measure the progress.

In late 2010, the structure, assisted by PETROS & Partners, launched A Total Quality Project. The goal of this project was to develop quality based system to ameliorate internal and external satisfaction of the various stakeholders in order to enhance organizational, technical and financial viability. According to the June 2011 TQReport, There was a visible improve in the organizational aspect, but there was a noticeable drop in the profit margin and poor returns. This later had an impact on the capacity of the company to provide quality services.

In early 2012, A Lean Six Sigma project based on a DMAIC cycle was launch to help the organization overcome its financial insecurity. The objective of this later was to rationalise expenses to enable the company control its financial margin. In so doing, the strategy was to reduce or completely eliminate activity with no added value to the company.

In the following parts, this report will primarily present the scope of the project and furthermore, examine its outcome in between 2012 and 2014.


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Douala, Cameroon

Ms. Marie Eliane Ndjib is a dynamic, results-oriented and pro-active professional, with three years of experience in strategic planning and management, and three years of experience in project planning, tracking and controls. Her interest is in helping organizations to improve their performance and optimize the implementation of programs and projects to sustain their strategy and better manage change issues. She is also a trainer on total quality management and project management.  Among recent projects, she has contributed in the development of strategic plans for 3 organizations. She has developed a human resource tracking system for employee performance assessments, planned and implemented a total quality management system, planned and implemented a Lean Six Sigma project, and planned and implemented a management-by-results program in a company.  Marie Eliane has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of Buea-Cameroon (2009) and a Master’s degree in Project Management (With the PMI-PMBOK approach) from the Panafrican Institute for Development-Central Africa (PAID-CA) (2012).  She expects to have her PMP and MS Project certifications in 2013.  Marie is motivated to modestly participate in the professional development of project management in Cameroon, including the planning for the first National Congress on Project Management in Cameroon.  She wants to help people who are interested in this professional field to better develop their knowledge on Project Management.  Marie Eliane can be contacted at [email protected].

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