By NDJIB Marie

International Correspondent

Douala, Cameroon


Project management is nowadays seen as the backbone on which organizations and countries rely to achieve performance in sub-Saharan Africa.  Project management culture integration leads to the creation of new ideas and enhanced innovations to meet global needs and challenges competition. This is feasible under the pre-condition that knowledge transfer and processes are running efficiently.  Project Managers are consequently the tools to enable value creation.

Cameroon is still young in terms of project management practices integration. However, there is a growing concern about the profession into the mind-set.

This article will try to present the reality of project management in Cameroon and propose a path through which Project Management could be institutionalised to support growth in Cameroon.

To have a general image of the level at which project management thinking is applied in our environment, a survey was conducted with a sample of 83 Project Managers from different industries, certified and non-certified, 70 students and job seekers (graduates) of the industry of Project Management. The result may someway hamper the reality, but the idea here is to present the project management dynamic in Cameroun.

  1. I.               Understanding the global situation of Project Management in Cameroun

In our previous publication on “project management: a crucial issue for Cameroon emergence achievement’’, we talked about the importance of promoting project management, we stated that the country has been striving to achieve growth through the implementation of various growth model that did not achieve the expected result due to some socio-cultural, economic and political issues. In this sense, a number of initiative was proposed to meet up with strategic ambition, that of been an emergent, democratic and united in diversity country in 2035. The realization of this latter relying on the success of Programs and projects to enhance growth and ensure sustainability, It is important to first of all build a strong incentive for project success. 

1.1.            Cameroon project management environment.

The presentation of the reality of project management in Cameroon is important to understand how far the country has gone in terms of implementation of project good practices.   


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About the Author 

marie-elaine-ndjibflag-douala-cameroonMarie Eliane Ndjib                    

Douala, Cameroon

Ms. Marie Eliane Ndjib is a dynamic, results-oriented and pro-active professional, with three years of experience in strategic planning and management, and three years of experience in project planning, tracking and controls. Her interest is in helping organizations to improve their performance and optimize the implementation of programs and projects to sustain their strategy and better manage change issues. She is also a trainer on total quality management and project management.  Among recent projects, she has contributed in the development of strategic plans for 3 organizations. She has developed a human resource tracking system for employee performance assessments, planned and implemented a total quality management system, planned and implemented a Lean Six Sigma project, and planned and implemented a management-by-results program in a company.  Marie Eliane has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of Buea-Cameroon (2009) and a Master’s degree in Project Management (With the PMI-PMBOK approach) from the Panafrican Institute for Development-Central Africa (PAID-CA) (2012).  She expects to have her PMP and MS Project certifications in 2013.  Marie is motivated to modestly participate in the professional development of project management in Cameroon, including the planning for the first National Congress on Project Management in Cameroon.  She wants to help people who are interested in this professional field to better develop their knowledge on Project Management.  Marie Eliane can be contacted at [email protected].