Project Management Update from Douala: Conference on ‘’ Project management industry and its Opportunities in Cameroon’’



By NDJIB Marie

International Correspondent

Douala, Cameroon


Sub-Saharan countries in Africa are progressively getting into strategic initiatives to support regional growth and become competitive on the global market. This can only be effective if these countries, in addition to finance and natural resources, have the real human and technical capacities to lead projects to success.

Cameroon, as the leading country in the central region, is mostly concerned. As a matter of fact, there is a serious gap between projects’ actual needs in terms of capacity and local project manager professional integration. Is it a problem of deficiency in capacity or just a mere understanding of the benefits of the project management industry to organizations?

Promoting and developing project management industry is then an imperative for the 2035 vision achievement.

In order to initiate this later process and join the world in celebration of project management day, a conference on ‘’ Project management industry and its Opportunities in Cameroon’’ was organised on the 9th of November 2013 at the PAID-CA Conference hall in Douala.  This event was co-organized by PETROS & Partners and The Pan African Institute For Development-Central Africa (PAID-CA).

Communication was made through media, web and field sensitization (organization and higher institution) to inform the public about the event. Speakers from different industries (aviation, communication, mining, energy) were selected by the technical committee to examine crucial project management realities in Cameroon and the central sub region.

Participants from the public, the private sectors and scholars were present. It could be identified, project management practitioners from the public and private sectors, students in project management, job seekers in the field of project management.

The event was an opportunity for the project management industry to meet and discuss practical issues on how to develop the profession for sustainable economic growth.

The conference program included 4 keynote presentations with exchanges with the public, a family photo and a networking session.

Even though the event was a little bit disturbed by the ‘’blessed’’ rain and some technical issues that arose, the event effectively took place. It was a challenging and innovative enterprise and its success somehow, was determinant for the organization of the ‘’to come’’. 


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About the Author 

Marie Eliane Ndjib                  

Douala, Cameroon 

Ms. Marie Eliane Ndjib is a dynamic, results-oriented and pro-active professional, with three years of experience in strategic planning and management, and three years of experience in project planning, tracking and controls. Her interest is in helping organizations to improve their performance and optimize the implementation of programs and projects to sustain their strategy and better manage change issues. She is also a trainer on total quality management and project management.  Among recent projects, she has contributed in the development of strategic plans for 3 organizations. She has developed a human resource tracking system for employee performance assessments, planned and implemented a total quality management system, planned and implemented a Lean Six Sigma project, and planned and implemented a management-by-results program in a company.  Marie Eliane has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of Buea-Cameroon (2009) and a Master’s degree in Project Management (With the PMI-PMBOK approach) from the Panafrican Institute for Development-Central Africa (PAID-CA) (2012).  She expects to have her PMP and MS Project certifications in 2013.  Marie is motivated to modestly participate in the professional development of project management in Cameroon, including the planning for the first National Congress on Project Management in Cameroon.  She wants to help people who are interested in this professional field to better develop their knowledge on Project Management.  Marie Eliane can be contacted at [email protected].