Project Management Update from Chile


By Jaime Videla

International Correspondent

Santiago, Chile

PMI Santiago Chile Chapter

Interview with Hermann Noll, President of PMI Santiago Chile Chapter (year 2014)

Question: Could you tell us your views and experience leading the PMI Santiago Chile Chapter institution? (hereinafter PMI)

Answer: The experience of being in charge and leading an institution that contributes to the growth and development is something full of satisfaction and pride. In this sense I think this is shared by the great human group, nearly 30 volunteer professionals, who have made it possible to achieve that feeling: we provide. It’s a feeling where you stay gratified.

In that sense, one of the great experiences is our tasks ahead, with a group of volunteers’ peers who, from their different perspectives, are generating goals in an atmosphere of complete confidence.

I think personally, it’s an invaluable experience that not only helps you grow professionally, but also contributes to improving communication skills and respect for others.

Q: A month ago was held the 2014 version Tour Cono Sur. It fulfilled the goals? Which plans are for the future?

A: Indeed, we are satisfied with our 2014 Tour, which managed to discuss issues to develop a program that is entering its fourth year. Having a central theme, with top exhibitors in relation to the topics has enabled us to offer a quality event.

That year the event was extended to two days in Santiago and one day in Antofagasta and Concepcion.

The subject line was on innovation, where we find two important issues for our profession: first, innovative projects have very characteristic adjustments due to the conditions of innovation and the application of research that we believe should be known by our colleagues, and second the same innovation by incorporating methodologies and tools that contribute to management and project management. This second point sometimes complicates the understanding of investors who appreciate them as a substitute for the management and administration of projects based on global standards. 


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About the Author 

jaime-videlaJAIME VIDELA flag-chile

Santiago, Chile

Jaime Videla, PMP, is the Managing Director for Videla Montero Consultores a project management consultant firm based in Santiago, Chile. He is also senior partner of AccuFast! Cubicaciones, a company provides material takeoff estimating services and engineering projects in Chile. Mr. Videla has 20+ years of project management experience leading utilities, mining and industrial projects (totaling US$222 millions) for large multinational companies like Siemens and ABB, or as a consultant for BHP and Anglo American. Jaime is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) since 2007, has formal studies in Civil Engineering from Universidad de Chile. He has professional experience working/training in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Germany.

Since 2006 Jaime has been an active member of the Project Management Institute (PMI®), assuming the role of director and vice president of communications and publicity for the PMI Santiago Chile Chapter in 2010. His areas of activity today include PMO development; contracting, claim, risk and project management services; project management training and coaching. Author of the e-book “Los 7 pasos para salvar un proyecto (The 7 steps to project recovery)”, he also writes about project management themes on PMOChile blog. In addition, he works as volunteer at Fundación Trascender, an innovative institution that manages a network of volunteer professionals through social projects. Jaime Videla is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish, lives in Santiago and can be contacted at [email protected].

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