Project Management Report from Zagreb


Development of Project Management in Croatia

Successfully executed projects could serve as wind in its sails 

By Gordana Blažević

International Correspondent 

Zagreb, Croatia

Last year was a very successful year for the Croatian Association for Project Management, not only for its Young Crew, but also for the overall development of project management in Croatia. The most important events related to project management in Croatia that have marked the year 2013 are certainly the 27th IPMA World Congress and the Global Young Crew Workshop, that were held from 30 September to 3 October in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. The Croats were given the opportunity to gain insight into the best practices in project management and thus upgrade their skills and competencies that will bring not only personal and professional benefits but also ensure national competitiveness in the future.

IPMA Excellence Award in Croatia 

High efficiency projects and excellent project management have become the imperative of today’s  successful business and knowledge from the field is a conditio sine qua non for modern business leaders, and in that context Croatia is no exception. With the intention of raising not only the level of skills in project management, but also the awareness of its importance the Croatian Association for Project Management has granted the IPMA Excellence Award. The award identifies examples of excellent project management and acknowledges innovative projects. It supports professional project management in achieving high performance in projects and motivates project teams to identify and optimize the use of their strengths. The assessment process is based on the IPMA Project Excellence Model. As of this year, the Croatian Association for Project Management has established a national award for project management excellence.

The TriGranit d.o.o. company was declared as this year’s gold winner for the construction of the Arena Zagreb shopping center, and we have interviewed TriGranit’s project manager Mr. Leo Penović, who received this special award.

  1. 1.    What does this award mean to you from a professional, but also from a personal point of view?

Receiving an award for the best-run Croatian project at the global IPMA Congress and in the company the world’s best project managers, represents the recognition of the project management profession as well as recognition of the work carried out by my project management team. I am particularly glad that Croatia is starting to recognize the profession of project management, along with recognizing the competence and excellence criteria in the field.


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About the Author

flag-zagreb-croatiaGordana BlaževićGordana Blažević, Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia

Gordana Blažević is a member of IPMA Young Crew and president of Young Crew Croatia. She was born in 1985., graduated Faculty of Civil Engineering from the University of Zagreb in September 2010. After graduation, she was working till September 2012 for company OPTIMA Project Ltd, a registered company for performing construction services, expert supervision, consulting and project management. After that, the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Zagreb in the Construction Management Department employed her as a young research associate.

As a president of Young Crew Croatia Gordana is part of various projects on national and international level. She is also member of IPMA Marketing Working group.

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