Project Management Report from Milan


By Luca Cavone

International Correspondent

Milan, Italy


This month we will face a specific topic that has recently attracted much interest from professionals who deal with Project Management: this is the issue that concerns the Social Responsibility and how projects can bring a beneficial impact on society.

It’s a running topic and we will see as the subject has been treated in the paper “Social Management, is it a new Project Management Competence?” from Concari and Di Rubbo, published in the May edition of the PMWJ. On the same way, the Italian section of IPMA Young Crew has decided to dedicate an event aimed to speak about the developing countries as a new frontier for project management.

Another initiative that sees again at the center IPMA Young Crew, this time in partnership with Junior Chamber International, with the project called “(Y)Our Future in Milan”, that directly involves to the younger generation and that is topical in Europe: the youth unemployment.

Finally we will see a quick update on the MOSE project which is expected to be completed in the next two years and that will solve the problem of high water in Venice, with a direct impact on the lives of its citizens, tourists and all those who visit its lagoon. 


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About the Author

luca-cavoneLuca Cavone flag-italy

Milan, Italy

Luca Cavone is a Consultant at JMAC Europe, the Consulting firm of the Japan Management Association. He is mainly focused to support companies in Innovation Management and Product Development Projects typical of R&D and Marketing areas, with an interdisciplinary background of the business processes. In JMAC Luca follows also the study and development of project management methodologies based on the application of Lean Thinking approach. Before joining JMAC he worked several years in the Aerospace industry.   Since 2009 Luca has been actively involved with the International Project Management Association (IPMA); at that time he was between the founders of the Young Crew Italy and was appointed as first chairman. In 2011 he left the position to join the Young Crew Management Board, where he’s currently Head of Membership and Responsible for the Young Project Manager of the Year award. Since 2010 Luca is also a member of the Executive Board of IPMA Italy.  Luca is an international correspondent for PM World in Italy; he can be contacted at [email protected].

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