Project Management Report from Milan


By Luca Cavone

International Correspondent 

Milan, Italy


Summer holiday period is imminent in Italy, however there is still great excitement for working and planned activities towards the beginning of September.

The main national associations, IPMA and PMI are particularly active: we will see in this report as a number of targeted initiatives have been already organized, among these IPMA Italy Award 2014 and the Workshop with Universities organized by PMI.

IPMA Young Crew Italy is always pushing; we propose here a summary of the event organized at the end of May about the theme of “Teamwork Challenge”.

In addition, this year the IX World Congress of ICEC will take place in Milan by end of October, dealing with the theme of Total Cost Management.

At last, in the last few days the transport of the wreck of Costa Concordia, raised a great interest not only among insiders, but especially in the public opinion. The trip from Giglio Island to Genoa for the final dismantling is a project of great impact.

First time for IPMA Italy Award

For the first time IPMA Italy has launched the IPMA Italy Award 2014. The competition is addressed to all those interested in the discipline of Project Management, who wish to submit their own article on “Visions and experiences of Project Management”, emphasizing their know-how and experiences. The papers submitted for the competition will be published by IPMA Italy and will have the chance to win the IPMA Italy Award 2014.

The competition has two levels: 


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About the Author

luca-cavoneLuca Cavoneflag-italy

Milan, Italy

Luca Cavone is a Consultant at JMAC Europe, the Consulting firm of the Japan Management Association. He is mainly focused to support companies in Innovation Management and Product Development Projects typical of R&D and Marketing areas, with an interdisciplinary background of the business processes. In JMAC Luca follows also the study and development of project management methodologies based on the application of Lean Thinking approach. Before joining JMAC he worked several years in the Aerospace industry.   Since 2009 Luca has been actively involved with the International Project Management Association (IPMA); at that time he was between the founders of the Young Crew Italy and was appointed as first chairman. In 2011 he left the position to join the Young Crew Management Board, where he’s currently Head of Membership and Responsible for the Young Project Manager of the Year award. Since 2010 Luca is also a member of the Executive Board of IPMA Italy.  Luca is an international correspondent for PM World in Italy; he can be contacted at [email protected].

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