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By Manuel Carvalho da Silva Neto

International Correspondent

Minas Gerais, Brazil



The Dark Side of the Economy or One Difficult Year for PM

The 2014 Brazilian economy official results were revealed a few days ago. GDP grew a “spectacular” 0.1%. Industry and Investments (this down 4.4% compared to 2013) are the accounts that impacted more that awful result.

Such numbers would have been even worse if the GDP calculation methodology had not been changed, for among other things, to include the costs of IT, innovation and R & D investment (amazing, but until then they were expenditures). In the case of Project Management, falling investment means fewer projects, fewer jobs and less interest in the subject.

The 2014 results reflect only a huge lack of market confidence in the Brazilian economy. After years encouraging consumption and expanding the supply of credit, fiscal unorthodox maneuvers, betting on companies that do not correspond and insisting on a certain isolation, rather than take advantage of the increasingly global world and markets, the government saw these efforts prove harmless. There were no structural changes or transforming investments in infrastructure, nor discussed and encouraged the knowledge and good education to become national priorities.

One day the bill arrives. Then it arrived.

If the year 2014 was bad, 2015 could be worse. Market analysts and economists predict a fall in GDP and an even greater fall in investments.

Major drivers of investment in Brazil in recent years were the mining company VALE, oil company PETROBRAS and construction areas, this last as a result of a kind of real estate “bubble”.


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About the Author


Manuel Carvalho da Silva Neto

Minas Gerais, Brazil


Manuel Carvalho da Silva Neto, MSc, Mech. Engineer and PMP
is Fundação Dom Cabral Invited Professor and also Consultant. He is a seasoned professional with over 40 years of experience in Project Management, Process Management and Strategy. Manuel has managed or participated in more than three hundred huge projects across different fields including Steel, Mining, IT, Telecom, Food Processing, Government and Construction, to mention a few. He worked also in projects to implement PMO (Project Management Office) and Project Management Methodology. He has also strong skills in Leading People and Finance. He served as Minas Gerais State Undersecretary for Planning and Budget, from 2007 to 2008. Manuel can be contacted at [email protected].

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