Project Management Outsourcing



By Rüdiger Geist

Zurich, Switzerland


Prof Gerhard Ortner

Vienna, Austria



Starting somewhere in the 1980’s Outsourcing became a trend in many industries of the western economies. Companies think about how to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and – of course – their profits. So more and more functions like accounting or IT-services became a commodity and whole markets for outsourcing services developed. This trend did not even stop at companies’ core business processes. Nowadays business process outsourcing seems to develop as an acknowledged management discipline.

Practice shows us that project management will not be an exception. More and more businesses use third party services to scale down in-house project management pools, improve PM maturity by widen project management services (e.g. PMO), add additional peak resources, etc.

In our book published in Germany by Springer-Gabler we look closer at the modern project management processes and their eligibilities to be outsourced. First the entire cloud of different outsourcing terms is to be cleared a little bid. Then the most popular PM process models (PMI, IPMA and ISO 21500) are pooled to form seven main PM process groups. The main part of the book deal with the analysis of each PM process of these groups. Thereby eight criteria are applied to check if a process is appropriate to be outsourced. The criteria where based on an empirical study conducted in Austria, Germany and Switzerland where PM professionals give their inputs to questions about PM outsourcing.


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About the Authors



Rüdiger Geist

Zurich, Switzerland


Rüdiger Geist
, PfMP, PMP, IPMA Level B is the Managing Director of [email protected] GmbH, a Swiss-based consultancy specializing in coaching, consulting, outsourcing and training in the areas of Project, Programme and Project Portfolio Management. He actually is also Associate Professor of Project Management at Kalaidos Fachhochschule (Zurich). In the past he also lectured for the International Institute of Management (Fribourg) and IFA AG (Zurich). He was Managing Director for Agora Associates GmbH during 2007-2008, where he was engaged in consulting, coaching and training in project, program and portfolio management. He was previously lead PM coach, project manager and project portfolio manager for Credit Suisse; senior project manager, coach and portfolio manager for SPOL AG; assistant CFO, contract manager, project manager, and coach for CSC Switzerland; project designer, manager and coach for CSC PLOENZKE AG in Wiesbaden, Germany; and information systems developer for BVV Versicherungsverein des Bankgewerbes AG, Freie University and others in Berlin.

Rüdiger has a Diploma in Political Science from Freie University Berlin (1988) and in Informationsorganisator from Siemens/Nixdorf, Berlin. He is also a CMMI and SPICE certified assessor. Rüdiger holds an IPMA Level B project management certification and the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI®), as well as the PMOS (CSC) and a Masters Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University (GWU) in the USA. Rüdiger has authored papers and presentations at IPMA and PMI conferences and sat on the board of the PMI Switzerland Chapter as Vice President Education & Certification.

Fluent in English and German, Rüdiger is based in Zurich and can be contacted at [email protected].



Gerhard Ortner

University of Applied Science bfi
Vienna, Austria


Dr. Gerhard Ortner
, IPMA Level C, is professor at the University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna, Austria (bachelor program “Project Management and Information Technology” and the master program “Project Management and Organization”). He holds a PhD degree from the University of Technology Vienna, where he worked for more than 10 years in the department of industrial organization and has several years of experience in project management with specific regard to organizational and technological topics. Recently he published the 2nd edition his book on Project Management Offices (ISBN: 978-3-662-45276-9) and the very first book on Project Management Outsourcing (ISBN: 978-3662450086), both in German language.

Prof Ortner can be contacted at [email protected]