Project Management in Kazakhstan is developing


By Alexey Tsekhovoy, Lidya Karmazina and Aigerim Altayeva

Union of Project Managers of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Project Management technology in Kazakhstan has actively spread since 2010, and its significance gradually takes the government level. There is forming an awareness of project management’s role for further economic and social development in society. Companies apply project management methods and tools, although talk about their widespread dissemination is premature.

On 6th of November in Almaty,

Kazakhstan was held the session of the roundtable “Project management: significance and perspective for innovative development of Kazakhstan”.

The initiator and the main organizer of the event was the Union of Project Managers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Support in its conducting was provided by Kazakh National Technical University after K.I. Satpayev and Entrepreneurship Development Fund “Damu”.

The problem of project management market formation in Kazakhstan was discussed in roundtable session; UPM RK invited partners in project communities – representatives of government agencies, business firms, universities, research organizations, non-governmental organizations.

Roundtable participants, describing the situation with the development of project management, noted that Kazakhstan is in “long harness.” The country seriously lagged behind international trends in this area. And although there are many enthusiasts in the market who would like to speed up the development of project management market, the gained experience is not used as it is necessary. There is a lack of continuity of development.

However, there was a turning point in the higher echelons of government in evaluation of project management potential in this year. In October, the adopted national standard ST RK ISO 21500-2014 – «Guide to Project Management,” included a norm of project management office for the State program of industrial-innovative development for 2015-2019 years. As well was added a new direction – consulting on project management to the government program “Business Road Map-2020”.

Significant contribution to the development of project management in Kazakhstan was made by Fund “Damu” within the training program “Business Advisor-2” for acting entrepreneurs. Training-seminars were held in all 16 regions of Kazakhstan from July to November. Project management knowledge was provided to 3000 managers of small and medium businesses.


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About the Authors

pmwj20-mar2014-tsekhovoy-AUTHOR1 TSEKHOVOYDr. Alexey Ph. Tsekhovoyflag-almaty-kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Alexey Tsekhovoy is president of the Union of Project Managers of the Republic of Kazakhstan (UPM RK), and Director of the International project management science Center at the Kazakh National University after K.I. Satpaev (KazNTU). He holds a D.Sc. in engineering and is professor of KazNTU after K.I. Satpaev. 

Dr. Tsekhovoy graduated from Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute, defended his doctoral thesis at the Moscow State Mining University, and has worked as a teacher, head of department, dean of the faculty, the First Deputy Chairman of the State Attestation Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At this time he is coordinator and supervisor of fundamental research papers on information and communication technologies in subsurface and management. He has performed expert work on assessing realization government programs “E-government” and “Reduction of information inequality”. He managed several projects for the United Nations Development Program in the field of information and communication technologies.

Since 2003 he has been actively engaged in the promotion of prospective area for Kazakhstan – project management. With his direct participation, the Kazakhstan state classifier introduced a new direction – project management, that has started training of masters and doctors in “Project Management” in the education system.

He was initiator and organizer of First and Second Forums “Project Management in Central Asia” (2009, 2012). He is one of the founders of Consulting and Research Organizations Consortium in Kazakhstan (2012).

Dr. Tsekhovoy can be contacted at [email protected] 

pmwj29-dec2014-Tsekhovoy-AUTHOR2 LIDIYADr. Lidiya Iv. Karmazinaflag-almaty-kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Dr. Lidiya Karmazina is Director of Development Department in the Union of Project Managers of Kazakhstan (since 2011). She is engaged in the promotion of technology project management in Kazakhstan, leading various consulting projects for strategic and project management. She has authored more than 70 scientific articles, collective monographs. She holds a D.Sc. in political science, is academician of International Informatization Academy, and is a member of the Russian Political Science Association. Dr. Karmazina can be contacted via email at [email protected].

pmwj29-dec2014-Tsekhovoy-AUTHOR3 AIGERIMAigerim Altayeva flag-almaty-kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Aigerim Altaveya works as a manager of the development department in the Union of Project Managers, since 2013 until now. She is engaged in the promotion of technology project management in Kazakhstan. Aigerim has a Master of Science degree in “Project Management” and has authored six scientific articles. E-mail: [email protected]