Project Management for Supplier Organizations


pmwj38-Sep2015-GallardoEstrella-BOOKBook Title:   Project Management for Supplier Organizations
Author: Adrian Taggart
Publisher: Gower Publishing Limited
List Price:   $119.95         
Format: Hardcover
Publication Date:   March 2015   
ISBN: 978 1 4724 1109 9
Reviewer:     Luis Gallardo Estrella
Review Date: August 2015


I have been working in project management for more than 5 years. All my experience has been as a contractor for a major client needing help with project management. Even though I have an idea of the interaction between a client and supplier, I never fully understood the relation in so many aspects until I read Project Management for Supplier Organizations.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is 270 pages long divided into 4 parts with 18 chapters.

Part 1 – The Challenge of Projects

Part 2 – The Perspective of the Supplier Organization upon Projects

Part 3 – Aligning the Interests of Owner and Supplier Organizations

Part 4 – Selected Project Management Techniques for Supplier Organizations


Part 1 of the book defines a project, the different organization structures, how people respond to different matrix organizations, and project lifecycle. The author gives yet another example of a unique project versus a routine operation. He also describes the different types of matrix organizations and the interaction with people.

Part 2 discusses the perspectives between an owner and supplier organization within a project. It compares and contrasts lifecycle models, opportunities and risks, and classifications of the supplier organization within the owner organization based on their project management role.

Part 3 relates the interests of supplier and owner organizations. It states how the project lifecycles are connected, the design of the procurement chain, the different types of payment and contract models, and change management.

Part 4 takes us back more into what we have seen in project management. It describes who to do marketing in a project environment, how to sell, talks about estimating techniques, and project management.

Highlights: What I liked!

From part 1 of the book, the thing I liked the most is how the author illustrates the difference between routine operations and unique projects in a chart. This figure gives you a vivid idea about the differences. The author also has a chart in which he describes the contrast between task-oriented and function-oriented organizations.

Part 3 of this book was very good. He describes different types of owner and supplier organizations He shows us their different project lifecycles and the relationship between them. What I liked the most is how the author describes the connection between the supplier and owner organizations. He also comments of the different types of contracts within this relationship and provides tips as to which type of contract and payment form is better depending on the project.


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Luis Gallardo Estrella has 13 years of experience in IT including the last 7 years as a project manager in the banking and retail industries. His current experience is as a technical project manager for Bank of America under the Global Wealth and Investment Management (GWIM) Line of Business (LOB). Luis considers himself to be an effective leader who is very goal-oriented, a planning specialist, comfortable leading with all levels of technical resources and always trying to innovate business processes, having a proven success record in delivering IT projects. He has also helped his current team with process improvements to focus on project delivery that include improving forms to streamline work and helping build and manage the team’s SharePoint site.

He recently obtained his PMP® and ScrumMaster® (CSM) from Scrum Alliance.

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