Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Book Title: Project Management for Non-Project Managers
Authors:  Jack Ferraro, PMP
Publisher: AMACOM
List Price: US$ 24.95
Format:  Hard cover
Publication Date: 2012
ISBN: -13 978-0-8144-1736-2
Reviewer: Paul L. Smith, PMP
Review Date: 5/10/12


Introduction to the Book

Project Management for Non-Project Managers targets the Functional Manager that is not Project Management “savvy”.  The book is written for newly assigned or promoted Functional Managers who are responsible for a key product or service development in their area. The first few chapters deal with specifics in basic project development with the later chapters addressing the role of the Functional Manager in later phases of project outputs and acceptance.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is divided into 2 parts, the Critical role of the Functional Manager and Critical Skills for Functional Managers.  Jack does a good job of breaking down the official requirements into these 2 areas.  The first area or section deals with the Planning and infrastructure of a project getting down to the “objectives” with a good narrative of how to break down the mission/objective to really grasp the work to be done.  Jack explains that the more times you review and elaborate the objectives the more detailed and specific the work details (progressive elaboration/re-iterative).  Chapter 4 offers up 8 Principles that will help guide the Functional Manager in working with the Team and Project Manager.

Part 2 is really based on the PMBOK guide taking these attributes and breaking them down with key insights for the Functional Manager.  Jack Ferraro speaks directly to the Functional Manager giving insight and a glimpse of what to expect.  Chapter 5 under Decision Making – Jack makes it clear that “a team may never meet a key team member in person”…


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Paul L. Smith, PMP

Paul L. Smith, PMP recently retired from Abbott Laboratories as a Project Manager supporting Clinical Chemistry Research & Development.  Paul has been involved in project management for over 10 years.  He currently supports the PMI Dallas Chapter’s Educational committee as an instructor for the Scope Team (PM 202) class.  Paul can be contacted at [email protected].

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