Project Management Case Studies and Lessons Learned: Stakeholder, Scope, Knowledge, Schedule, Resources and Team Management


pmwj38-Sep2015-Stillinger-BOOKBook Title:   Project Management Case Studies and Lessons Learned: Stakeholder, Scope, Knowledge, Schedule, Resources and Team Management
Author: M. Kemal Atesmen
Publisher: CRC Press
Format: PDF eBook
List Price: $47.96 (Paperback), $41.97 (eBook)
Publication Date:   September 2014
ISBN: 978-1-4987-0040-5
Reviewer:     Ralph Stillinger, PMP
Review Date:  August 2015


The author Mr. Kemal Atesmen through his 35 years of experience depicts 82 project snippets in just under 200 pages along with a few short bullets on the lessons learned for each respective project.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The lessons learned are divided into stakeholder, scope, knowledge base, schedule, resource & budget and project team. Mr. Atesmen took Project Management to include closure seriously and documented his results well.

Reading the book is like reading a recipe, this organized project overview followed by lessons learned for each overview is easy to follow. The reader must get beyond the repetitiveness of each chapter knowing there are no surprises in format other than the varied lessons learned while reading this book.


The most important takeaways from the book are not surprisingly “The Lessons Learned”. Each project does have, as expected different problems, challenges of which you can glean from the author’s experience. I know that in every one of my projects there are always challenges and different lessons learned. Applying these lessons is what makes project managers better the second, third and finally in the authors case the 82nd time around.

Highlights: What I liked!

As I read this book my takeaway was not to repeat the pitfalls and problems that Mr. Atesmen has already experienced. In many instances while wearing my project manager hat I can sympathize with his issues.

Another takeaway was obvious that successful Project Managers do not have easy going personalities; they are strict regarding change and working with external influences on the project team. This lesson resonated with me personally so I appreciated the reminder regarding change. Working with authoritarian micro-managers as we have all experienced must be raised to the upper level management and human-resources staff with documented incidents.


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