Project Leadership, 3rd Edition


Book Title:   Project Leadership, 3rd Edition
Author: Sarah Coleman and Donnie MacNicol
Publisher:  Gower / Routledge
List Price:   $54.95
Format: Soft cover, 318 pages
Publication Date:   2016    
ISBN: 978-1-4724-5280-1
Reviewer:     John Holderman, PMP, MBA
Review Date: January 2017



When I first picked up this book I thought it would be another book about general project management. The first chapter convinced me otherwise. Schools teach the mechanics of project management, most books describe tools and their use. This book goes far beyond the basics. It gets into the things that increase success, leadership.

The authors don’t focus on strategy; they focus on building a strong self and more reliable capabilities. I applaud the authors on the quest to increase positive outcomes though true leadership.

Overview of Book’s Structure

This book has four parts. Part one: Project Leadership and the Project Leader define the difference between a project manager and a project leader. What leadership is, building and maintaining relationships.

Part two. Leading the project: talks about what it takes to lead a project from beginning to end. Part three. The Core: discusses the keys parts of leadership in project management like vision and what relationships are important and the ever present communication.

Part four. Building personal and organizational capability: Covey would have called this Sharpening the Saw. It’s all about extending your range and improving the organizations abilities, which in-turn improves you.


I’m a sucker for personal assessments and this book hits you right up front with them. They briefly discuss emotional intelligence and leadership. The eight lookings assessment evaluates your current focus on eight directions a PM must pay attention to: Upwards, downwards, forward, backwards, outwards, inwards, internally and externally.

The authors reference these assessments and their importance throughout the book. The root of this book is based in self-improvement and being able to lead people, which will ultimately ensure successful trajectory for your projects and your career.


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About the Reviewer

John Holderman

Texas, USA



John Holderman has worked in project management since 1997 with his most recent work in program management controls and reporting. John has managed the global implementation of UNIX server farms used in telecommunications and large, complex telephone switching systems. As a member of a new product introduction team he guided deployment team readiness and working closely with engineering team to ensure the product or customer ready.

John has supported many global communications system deployments, has been an integral part of two electro-mechanical to digital telephone system conversions, authored policy documents for specialized teams, installation manuals, commisioning manuals and has created many of his own tools used to manage projects. John’s technical background along with his international project management experience gives him a unique ability to very effectively manage highly complex technical projects.

John can be contacted at [email protected]


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