Project Ethics


project-ethicsBook Title:  Project Ethics

Author:  Haukur Ingi Jonasson and Helgi Thor Ingason

Publisher:  GOWER

List Price:   US$

Format:  soft or hard cover; 142 pages

Publication Date:   2013

ISBN: 978-1-4094-1096-6

Reviewer:      Vijaykumar Kancharla

Review Date:              March 2013 


Introduction to the Book

The authors begin with a purpose statement that project ethics is a neglected area and they are shining a light on it. They describe ethics as a powerful tool for propagating professionalism. In introduction, where critical path is discussed, authors spell out what each chapter is aimed at.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The structure is appropriate. The book started with Contents, introduction, chapters, conclusion, Index. It is a concise guide; it is readable with no syntax, semantic errors. The book provides a good number of references in project management. The print is good, the cover sheet, title on the book interested me while choosing a book for the Book Club.

Highlights: What’s New in this Book?

Diamond approach, Virtue, Duty, Utility, Rights, Project Ethics Tool (PET) are new to the reader. Surveys every few pages help the reader to keep moving. Short stories and vignettes from real world project management examples illustrated the ethical concepts. Categorizing the ethics as outcome-oriented and process oriented ethics is seen for the first time and He could articulate and present his point well across.

Highlights: What I liked!

The authors articulate ethics from a new angle. They discuss Ethics from 4 different perspectives:  i.e. virtue, duty, rights, utility, etc. Surveys in each chapter evoked interest in reading the book. Virtue, duty, utility, rights ethics are discussed each in a separate chapter. The Authors began each chapter with a famous quote by a famous person.

Project Excellence model, Case studies, Project Ethics tool, Risk management discussions also particularly evoked interest. 


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About the Reviewer

vijaykumar-kancharlaflag-usaVijaykumar Kancharla

Vijay Kancharla, owner/CEO of ReddySoftware,Inc,   has 16 years in IT field.  Known to project management world for 6 years, he has held  Database Architect  and program manager roles at several fortune 500 companies. He is currently at PWC in the capacity of Program Manager, role handling risk, security, governance and auditing activities for the global database services group of PepsiCo. He is based in North Texas and can be contacted at [email protected]