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pmwj24-jul2014-Kelley-IMAGE1 BOOKBook Title:  Project Ethics
Author:  Haukur Ingi Jonasson and Helgi Thor Ingason
Publisher:  Gower Publishing Limited
List Price:   £28.50  Format:  soft cover; 142 pages
Publication Date:   2013     ISBN: 978-1-4094-1096-6
Reviewer:      Patty Kelley
Review Date:              May 2014

Introduction to the Book

Ethical issues are part of all projects and there is not enough focus on evaluating the potential impacts to project success.  The authors review 4 different types of ethical theories and how the different theories apply to project management and execution.

The focus is on the importance of including ethical analysis during risk assessment of projects.  As project leaders we need to ensure that we step back from looking at scope, cost, schedule and quality and include an ethical review of the potential issues that may arise during the life cycle of a project.  Ethical considerations should be included when evaluating all areas of project success factors.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book’s structure is broken down into 6 areas:

  • Overview of the ethics methodology and how it applies to project management
  • Two chapters cover outcome-oriented ethical theories – Virtue and Utility
  • Two chapters cover process-oriented theories – Duty and Rights
  • One chapter providing a review of conventional risk management vs new thinking that includes ethical components and how it applies to different types of projects

Highlights: What’s New in this Book

The focus on ethics as part of the primary role of the project leader and the need to consider all four types of ethical theories when creating the risk management plan for a project.  The authors provide a Project Ethics Tool (PET) to assist with analyzing and managing all aspects of the project across contracting, designing, planning, executing and handing the project over to the owner. The view is to look at risk holistically not isolated to the traditional scope, cost and schedule components.


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About the Reviewer

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North Texas, USA

Patty Kelley is aProject Management Institute certified project manager since 2005, employed at AT&T for 17 years working in a variety of areas including Information Technology Management, Project Process Auditing, Product Development, Project Management and, currently, Network Operations Strategic Program Management. Ms. Kelley has a Bachelors Degree in Management and Masters Degree in Engineering and Technology Management from Dallas Baptist University.

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