Progressive Elaboration of Project Management Processes


By Essam Mohamed Lotffy, PMP, CCP

MEP-Project Manager, Trojan Holding

Abu Dhabi, UAE



“What do you need to deliver a product or project?, Project management processes are the efforts spent through initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling and closing the project to deliver the product of the project”

Since the project is approved through the project charter(2) during the initiating phase, the project manager should perform some high-level planning activities through initiating phase based on the available information’s into project charter and to verify that the project will be completed within the scope, cost and time.

Once aforementioned steps are being completed the project manager should move into the planning phase of the project, at this point project manager should develop project management plan that illustrates how the project work will be Planned, Executed, Monitored & Controlled and Closed.

The next significant phase for the project manager is to start executing phase where the project manager and project team members direct and manage project work and perform other related project management processes. During this phase, project manager should evaluate the project performance through various processes that enable the project manager and project team members to collect the project performance data and use the relevant tools & techniques to process these data to get the project Work Performance Information’s using variety of processes such as:

  • Monitor & control project work.
  • Perform integrated change control.
  • Control scope.
  • Validate scope.
  • Control Cost.
  • Control schedule.
  • Control Quality.
  • Control risk.
  • Control stakeholder engagement.
  • Control procurement.

Obviously, if there will be any changes, the project manager should evaluate this change and its impacts and to get the necessary approvals to update the project management plan and all subsidiary plans. Once the project works completed and/or the project is terminated project should move to closing phase, where the project manager and project team members will perform all necessary administrative closure activities to close the project or phase. This introduction gave a brief about the project five phases or process group (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing). Throughout the rest of the article the reader will be able to get the following:


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About the Author

Mohamed Lotffy

Abu Dhabi, UAE




Essam Mohamed Lottfy is MEP-Project Manager at Trojan general contracting in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He holds a BSc. in Electrical Engineering, Power Distribution through Zagazig University, Egypt since 2001. Pursued and achieved his certificates in Project Management (PMP®) from PMI-USA since 2013, and certificate in Cost Management (CCP®) from AACE International since june-2014. 14 years extensive hands on experience in various aspects of projects and project management within maintenance, power distribution networks monitoring and supervision and construction projects as well.

Authored, Co-Authored at PM World Library, PWLJ.

Volunteered at PMI-Global Congress EMEA-2014 – Dubai, 5th to 8th May 2014.

Technical presentation at PMI-AGC 15th International conference –Bahrain 19th to 21st January 2015.

Technical presentation at 54th AACEi-SF Bay Annual Western Winter Workshop, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA

Technical presentation 55th AACEi-SF Bay Annual Western Winter Workshop, Indian Wells, CA, USA

Independent Project Management and cost engineering/Control Instructor