Program, Project And Change Managers Can Make A Big Difference In The Lives of People!


By Chandra Venkataraman, PMP®, PgMP®, CSSBB®, 


The economic crisis that began in 2008 has taken a toll on many families. Mortgage debt of many families was higher than the value of their homes. Credit ratings have been impacted and loan approval scrutiny tightened so, many cannot qualify for refinance or loan modification programs. Some have additional problems due to unemployment or under employment of family members causing hardship in mortgage payments. The “American Dream” had turned into “American Nightmare!”

Enough negative headlines in the newspaper, television, and magazines already. We can’t digest pessimistic views any longer! Big lessons learned globally. Well, what is the point in crying over spilt milk? How do we put our minds together to get back on our feet? How can we make the world better? What small steps can each of us take?

The United States Government for its part quickly took necessary steps to help the borrowers and homeowners. Programs such as Making Home Affordable (MHA), Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), and Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) were initiated in early part of the housing crisis. Later when the banks and other institutions after getting back on their feet, returned the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds back to the Government, the US Government diverted some of the funds for additional programs to help the housing recovery.

As a consulting client partner to one of the major mortgage servicer, for my part, when I was engaged to rollout the U.S. Government’s Hardest Hit Funds program (HHF) for home owners in the 17 Hardest Hit States and Washington D.C., Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Emergency Homeowners Loan Program (EHLP) for the remaining 32 states plus Puerto Rico, I gladly accepted the opportunity, the challenge and offered to help in every possible way.

The strategy team discussed with various State Housing Finance Authorities, organized and led conferences with Treasury, HUD, and other leading mortgage servicers.  A quick strategic decision was made to participate in the HHF, EHLP and the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) programs by offering and enhancing three major programs under the umbrella of “Reinstatement Initiative” (RI), “Unemployment Program” (UP), and the “Principal Reduction” (PR) programs.

Quite often we have seen as a Program Manager, Project Manager or a Change Leader, professionals highlight their direct responsibilities such as managing the program within budget, schedule and scope. Here in this article, I want to highlight, in addition to realizing the stated benefits of the program, we focused on the humane side of the Borrower Customer and kept in our minds the “Distressed Homeowner” as a key stakeholder. The ultimate satisfaction of making a real big difference in the lives of people who were distressed kept the project team highly motivated right from the start of the program until successful completion…


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Chandra Venkataraman, PMP®, PgMP®, CSSBB®, M.Bus, MPM, B.Engg (Honors) is currently an Associate Partner with IBM. Chandra has over 30 years of Strategic Leadership, Program Management, Project Management, Organizational Change Management, Portfolio Management, Client Relationship Management, Executive BIG 4 Business Consulting (Deloitte, E&Y) and Execution Leadership experience over three continents (North America, Australia, and Asia) in a wide spectrum of areas including, Healthcare, Financial Services, Supply Chain, Travel & Transport, Energy & Utilities Onshore-offshore partnership, Six Sigma Business Process improvements, Information Technology, Information Management and Risk Management. Chandra has won several internal awards for results achieved in programs and projects. He can be contacted through “Linkedin”.

Chandra holds numerous degrees and certifications in IT, program management, and project management and they include: Master of Business in Information Technology, Masters Certificate in Project Management, B.Engg. (Honors), PgMP®, PMP®, CSSBB®, ITIL-F.