Program Management for Improved Business Results, 2nd Edition



pmwj35-Jun2015-Dunn-BOOKBook Title:   Program Management for Improved Business Results, 2nd Edition
Authors: Russ J. Martinelli; James M. Waddell; Tim J. Rahschulte
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
List Price:   $65.00
Format: Hard cover, 389 pages
Publication Date:   2014    
ISBN: 978-1-118-62792
Reviewer:     Wyatt Dunn, PMP
Review Date: May 2015


As almost any Project Manager including PMP certified Project Managers know, there is a great wealth of books and reference guides on Program Management. Many of these focus mainly on the mechanics of a program management process. Strikingly by contrast, Martinelli, Waddell, and Rahschulte’s book, Program Management For Improved Business Results, brings forward the key concept about being focused on the business results outcome as a guiding principle vs the more pure mechanics of a program management process.

The authors take great pains to lay out this principle in the Chapter 1, It’s About the Business. The fundamental elements of their concepts are explained and further supported by the coalescing of PMI (US) and Office of Government Standards (UK) definitions of program management identifying a group of related projects managed in a coordinated manner (PMI) that delivers outcomes and benefits related to the organizations strategic objectives (OGS). It is the intertwining of these correlated concepts that lay the groundwork for remaining chapters in the book.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The overall structure of the Program Management For Improved Business Results contains five (5) key sections:

  • Part I: It’s About the Business
  • Part II: Delivering the Whole Solution
  • Part III: Program Practices, Metrics, and Tools
  • Part IV: The Program Manager
  • Part V: Organizational Considerations.

In Part I, the foundation of the author’s views on Program Management are defined and related to the principle focus of yielding business benefits. The further alignment of a program with a coherent set of business strategies is explored to ensure the greatest degree of success.

In Part II, the Whole Solution concept is explored where many large projects are reviewed with the consideration of being transformed into a Program because they are complicated. This concept is often also applied to several projects around a central theme. In considering the Whole Solution, it is the complexity of a single or multiple projects that is the driving factor where their interconnectedness and cross-linked deliverables require their execution be organized into a program. It is in response to this complexity that now requires how project teams now need to be viewed as an integrated program team. The process of organizing and managing the program team and overall program is then explored.


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