Procurement Project Management Success: Achieving a Higher Level of Effectiveness

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pmwj22-may2014-Bannister-IMAGE1 BOOKBook Title:  Procurement Project Management Success: Achieving a Higher Level of Effectiveness
Author:  Diana L. Lindstrom
Publisher:  J. Ross Publishing
List Price:   $39.95  Format:  Hard cover; 291pages
Publication Date:   2014     ISBN: 9781604270891
Reviewer:      Misty Lorraine Bannister
Review Date:              March 2014

Reading project management books can at times be like reading dry manuals where your mind may wonder as you catch yourself having to reread the last five sentences over again. However, this is not the case with Diane Lindstrom’s Procurement Project Management Success. Ms. Lindstrom has a way of tying procurement into a project lifecycle that is not only simplified and practical but also makes you think about each detail; almost as if giving you answers to questions you might not have otherwise asked.

In Procurement Project Management Success there are eleven chapters followed by Appendix A. List of Tables and Figures, Appendix B. Examples of a Completed RFPS, Schedule, and Budget and Appendix C. RFP for Case Example. Throughout the book there are simple to understand Gantt charts, budget and case examples.

Chapter 1. First Things First answers the basic and necessary questions on defining project management and PM skills. This introductory chapter leads into more actionary items in Chapter 2. Starting, giving a step by step starting pace of building a Priorty Matrix along with honing Priority Methods, identifying the Procurement Team and defining the Scope of Work.

Chapters 3 thru 9 engage how procurement correlates in planning, scheduling, budget, communications, risk, negotiations from signing the contract to closing. Ms. Lindstrom presents unique clarity of PM processes that seem to go in simplicity from A-Z, and just when you think the last puzzle piece is snug in place, Chapter 10. Contract Administration opens up Pandora’s Box for most in project management positions answering the question, ‘Is Contract Administration Your Job?’ Find this out and more with Chapter 11. Final Words which emphasizes on the correlation between good communication and great results. 


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About the Reviewer

pmwj22-may2014-Bannister-IMAGE2 REVIEWERMisty Lorraine Bannisterflag-usa

Texas, USA

Misty Lorraine Bannister has worked in project management for the past five years and currently is working for an IT Solutions company running a team of consulting engineers for Infrastructure Design and Implementation. In finding a passion for project management she is currently studying and working towards her PMP certification. [email protected]

About the Book’s Author 

Diana Lindstrom has more than 25 years of experience as an electrical engineer and project manager working in electrical power, facilities management, design, construction, and maintenance. As a former certified Project Management Professional (PMP), she managed projects ranging from small designs in electrical system transmission substations to large construction projects in various industries.

Ms. Lindstrom earned her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from San Diego State University after four years of honorable service in the United States Navy. She earned her PMP from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Diana has been a member of PMI, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and continues to be a member of the Institute of Supply Management (ISM).

Having gained considerable procurement experience writing specifications, using win-win negotiating to obtain contract work, and actually performing simple to fairly complex procurements previously as a project manager, she became interested in developing a new career in supply management. As such, Diana was hired by a major telecommunications company as a strategic sourcing manager. In this role, her average procurement was $100 million spend per year her and largest was $250 million/year. Utilizing her unique skill set, she implemented programs which saved the company millions of dollars each year.

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