Positive Leadership in Project Management: A Practical Guide to Enhancing Individual, Team and Organizational Performance

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pmwj15-oct2013-pedrotti-BOOK IMAGEBook Title:  Positive Leadership in Project Management:  A Practical Guide to Enhancing Individual, Team and Organizational Performance
Author:  Frank P. Saladis, PMP   Publisher:  IIL Publishing
List Price:  $25 USD
Format:  soft cover; 260 pages
Publication Date:  2013      ISBN: 9780970827661
Reviewer:  Lisa J. Pedrotti, MBA
Review Date:            August 2013

Introduction to the Book

Positive Leadership in Project Management:  A Practical Guide to Enhancing Individual, Team and Organizational Performance is a book in which the contents belie the title.  The stated topic is project management leadership, but the concepts and principles discussed in the book are applicable in almost any business situation involving teamwork and collaboration.  The work is filled with perspectives on the concept of leadership and reminders of what makes a true leader.

Overview of Book’s Structure

This book consists of 32 chapters which address various aspects of project leadership and leadership in general.  Selected chapters include:

4.         Business Savvy and the Project Manager

12.       Leadership Lessons from the Future

24.       Common Sense Project Leadership

30.       The Art of Managing Expectations

Some of the chapters include excerpts from articles written by the author, Frank P. Saladis, PMP, published on allPM (www.allpm.com).  References and end notes are included for each chapter.

Highlights: What’s New in this Book

Saladis focuses on defining leadership as it pertains to project management, but the ideas are applicable to nearly any business setting where teamwork is integral to success.  He makes key connections between managing successful project teams and delivering value to clients and customers.  The author encourages project managers at all levels of experience to employ introspection, self-analysis, and personal goal setting as techniques for improving or enhancing leadership skills.  The end of each chapter includes a “Personal Leadership Action Register” intended for reflecting on the discussed concepts and journaling about how they apply to the reader. 


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About the Reviewer

flag-usapmwj15-oct2013-pedrotti-AUTHOR IMAGELisa J. Pedrotti, MBA 

North Texas, USA 

Lisa Pedrotti is a veteran Air Force officer with experience in law enforcement, personnel, program and project management, curriculum development and classroom instruction.  She currently works in business consulting as a project analyst.  Email at [email protected] 

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