Positive Leadership in Project Management – A Practical Guide to Enhancing Individual, Team and Organizational Performance

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pmwj24-jul2014-Zorinsky-IMAGE1 BOOKBook Title:  Positive Leadership in Project Management – A Practical Guide to Enhancing Individual, Team and Organizational Performance
Author:  Frank P. Saladis, PMP
Publisher:  IIL Publishing, New York
List Price:   $25.00  Format:  soft cover; 260 pages
Publication Date:   2013     ISBN: 978-0-9708276-6-1
Reviewer:      Eldon J. Zorinsky, PMP
Review Date:              May, 2014

Introduction to the Book

During the formative years of the project management profession, the success or failure of a given project was usually attributed to how well the “tangibles” of the project (scope, schedule and cost) were managed, with failures typically being ascribed to poor planning, estimating, scheduling or controlling (i.e., project leadership was viewed largely as the management of “technology” as opposed to “people” and failures were all quantitative in nature).  However, as many team members and other stakeholders could probably attest, a preponderance of less-than-successful projects was more likely the result of inadequate interpersonal skills, poor communication, dysfunctional team or organizational dynamics or other behavioral considerations.

Positive Leadership in Project Management – A Practical Guide to Enhancing Individual, Team and Organizational Performance,” written by Frank P. Saladis, PMP, clearly explains the many requirements and challenges associated with being a successful project manager in today’s competitive environment.  The author examines the various business, technical, interpersonal, personal and management skills and competencies that form the basic “tool kit” for effective project management, overlays them with the concepts of leadership (its embodiments, styles and qualitative attributes) and value creation and then provides examples that demonstrate the overall impact that comes about when skillful leadership, subject matter knowledge and practical experience converge.

The author explains in detail how the effective application of “positive leadership” by the project manager (in conjunction with his or her other skills and competencies) not only enhances the performance of individual team members, but also improves the overall effectiveness of the project team, which, in turn, drives project and organizational success to higher levels of achievement, and concurrently fosters opportunities for individual growth, innovation, creativity and continuous learning, all of which lead to greater job satisfaction, work focus and loyalty, and ultimately serve to provide the enterprise with future leaders.  In addition to numerous practical examples, at the end of each chapter the author provides numerous references, exercises and journal space for readers to use to assess their current capabilities and develop plans to improve their particular leadership styles and approaches.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book consists of 32 separate and succinct chapters that cover a broad range of topics and contain knowledge and wisdom drawn from a wide variety of experts in the area of leadership.  The author provides the reader with a collection of best practices, lessons learned, critical success factors, key performance metrics, project anecdotes, insightful quotes and creative acronyms drawn from his extensive research and, more importantly, his many decades of practical experience in the field of project management.

Each chapter ends with thoughtful “self assessment” questions and exercises along with additional reference material and suggestions for ways to further develop the reader’s knowledge and skills that pertain to that chapter’s material.


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About the Reviewer

eldon-zorinksyEldon J. Zorinsky, PMP flag-usa

North Texas, USA

Eldon Zorinsky is an experienced technology executive, program director, certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas who specializes in building high performance teams of technical and business professionals and leading them in the definition, development and commercialization of new products and technologies.  He received his Doctor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering and Master of Science degree in Engineering Management from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He also earned a Master of Science degree in Physics from the University of Missouri at Columbia, MO and a Bachelor of Science degree from Creighton University in Omaha, NE.  He holds numerous patents in the areas of semiconductor devices and device isolation and over the course of his career, has successfully lead product and technology development and commercialization efforts that generated combined revenue of nearly $1B. Eldon is an active member of the Dallas Chapter of PMI and is currently serving as a volunteer with the Chapter’s Professional Development Group.  He is also a member of IEEE, The Engineering Management Society, AAAS, and The American Vacuum Society. He can be contacted at [email protected] 

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