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Project Management Update from Santiago

By Jaime Videla

International Correspondent

Santiago, Chile



Government Management

The year 2015 will be recalled by Chileans as the one of the loss of political innocence.

Indeed, after corruption scandals that affects the household of the Chilean president due to the events of insider trading, cases of nepotism deployed by members of government and parliamentarians of the ruling bloc, as well as cases of bribery impacting much of political parties both government and opposition that are being investigated by the justice, public opinion polls have been lapidary: The rejection of the political reaches 97%.

pmwj35-Jun2015-Videla-IMAGE1The disapproval of the president’s performance over 66%. 72% reject the reforms promoted by the government. Chile lives the biggest political crisis of the past 25 years.

Several scenarios have been proposed to address and resolve the political dilemma: expect the problem be resolved by itself, the change of the Constitution, the change of the government program, the formation of a national unity government, and even the resignation of the President.

According to surveys, the 5 main problems facing Chileans are: crime, health, education, corruption and employment. Reform of the Constitution is among the last problem to be solved.

It is obvious to everyone except for the government, that they should act seriously and first focus on solving those five problems, and not to spend time and resources on constitutional reform.

The interests and expectations of citizens (stakeholders) are known, thanks to surveys.

The management plan should be reviewed and updated in the light of the interests of stakeholders.

The government team should have adequate technical and political skills in order to meet the management plan, and of course free of nepotism.

The legislative power at least, must be purged of members linked to cases of bribery, nepotism and corruption.

The audit institutions should be led by competent and upright citizens.

All of this does not ensure success, but the probability of right guess is much greater.

PMI Santiago Chile Chapter

Call for Papers 2015

They established the guidelines of Call for Paper for the next PM Congress organized by PMI Santiago Chile Chapter, to be held in Santiago on November 11th, 2015 at Casa de Piedra Events Center; and in Antofagasta on November 13th (location to be determined). For both versions, the event will last for eight hours.


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pmwj35-Jun2015-Videla-PHOTOJaime Videla, PMP

Santiago, Chile



Jaime Videla, PMP, is the Managing Director for Videla Montero Consultores a project management consultant firm based in Santiago, Chile. He is also senior partner of AccuFast! Cubicaciones, a company provides material takeoff estimating services and engineering projects in Chile. Mr. Videla has 20+ years of project management experience leading utilities, mining and industrial projects (totaling US$222 millions) for large multinational companies like Siemens and ABB, or as a consultant for BHP and Anglo American. Jaime is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) since 2007, has formal studies in Civil Engineering from Universidad de Chile. He has professional experience working/training in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Germany. Since 2006 has been an active member of the Project Management Institute (PMI®), assuming the role of director and vice president of communications and publicity of the PMI Santiago Chile Chapter in 2010. His areas of activity today include PMO development; contracting, claim, risk and project management services; project management training and coaching. Author of the e-book “Los 7 pasos para salvar un proyecto (The 7 steps to project recovery)”, he also writes about project management themes on PMOChile blog. In addition, he works as volunteer at Fundación Trascender, an innovative institution that manages a network of volunteer professionals through social projects.

Jaime Videla is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish, lives in Santiago and can be contacted at [email protected].

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